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Reviewed By alex1206 [read all by] on 23rd April 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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I have just uninstalled this horrible thing from my PC for good. Even though this has left me samplerless (that alone shows you what I think of it)! I will just have to take my pick out of the many freeware samplers that have popped up this lately, but I had to uninstall it...it was affecting the rest of my set-up!

Volkszampler takes an age to load up. This is not so bad if one doesnt ever use it - wrong! It loads up on its own for no apparent reason even when it is not in the default start-up file of your host. Because it tries to load itself on start-up of the host it often causes the host start-up to slow down so much that the computer will crash.

The GUI is bad too as it opens a new window for each part of the sampler and it also gives you a really bad cursor which is really ghard to use accurately.

This thing is not worth having...
Reviewed By alex1206 [read all by] on 23rd April 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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For the money (currently $35) I am sure that you cannot buy a better VSTi. This thing is really good for users wanting to enjoy the really phat subtractive synthesis. This thing has 3 oscillators (with a good variety of waveforms), loads of envelopes and LFOs (pitch, filter, amp), as well as effects to really beef up your sounds (chorus, delay, eq). The sounds you get out of it are really rich. The midi learn funtion in RGC synths is excellent too...just assign knobs on your controller to knobs on the VSTi at the click of a button!

What I like about this synth is that it is the "not so little" brother of Pentagon 1, so when you are ready for a more powerful synth you are instantly familiar with its controls. If you've tried Triangle 1 or 2...you will love this! Hopefully the GUI of Square 1 will be updated soon so that you have the option of a P1-type skin in the next version.

Reviewed By alex1206 [read all by] on 23rd April 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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I got V1 of the Wasp VSTi free when ordering the Fruityloops generator version and I'm glad I did. I can now use this in my other hosts. It a very good 2 oscillator synth with effects (parametric eq, delay, reverb, distorsion and phaser)...powered by Smart Electronix and Ultrafunk so they are very good quality as is the synth engine being from image-line!

This synth is really good for loading up and creating nice sounding patches quickly.

This thing had a few bugs to start with but they soon ironed them out with a couple of service releases. It has a nice (Fruityloops style) GUI and is easy to use.

Good for the money....however, between this and RGC Square 1 for the same price - I think I would advice towards Square 1 which is currently going for $35 (about the same price) and has a lot of good features and an upgrade path to Pentagon 1 (which is the daddy) if you find you want more!!
Reviewed By alex1206 [read all by] on 3rd April 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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Blimey...how can Triangle II be free?

[+] Loads of control (loads-a-knobs)
[+] Wicked sounds (phat as you like)
[+] Plenty of great factory presets (128 presets)
[+] Excellent midi control capabilities
[+] Nice GUI :)
[+] Good manual - yes, I actually read it :)
[+] Higher spec than alot of pay VSTi's
[+] Very low CPU usage
[+] Very Stable (has never crashed on me yet)
[+] Standalone version
[+] Great customer support (usually the developer will reply to your posts at KVR, or emails, within a few hours)

[-] ...Errmm, let me see...none :)

My advice, buy it....Ooops, I meant download it (I forgot it was free)....it will give you a nice taster of what its big brother is capable of!
Reviewed By alex1206 [read all by] on 20th March 2002
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
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Its good....very good!!

....and yes, it has quite a low CPU usage!! :)

The GUI looks nice (nice colour, easy to program sounds in an instant, choice of keys or no keys). However, I find that the GUI takes a while to redraw itself when called up in display, when flipping between keys and no keys, and when changing patches.

The synth sounds gorgeous (phat as phuck!)...and a is really good for making classic dance music/techno sounds.

The presets were good before, but now they just got better with the release of a free bank of sounds from ReFX (nice one guys!!). It is nice to see developers provide users with bank updates as well as regular program updates (bug fixes and additions).

This synth will give you hours of fun and is well worth the small amount of money that ReFX ask. I'm glad I have this one in my virtual rack!

The manuals good and so is the support. Support is handled on this very web-site in the forum. ReFX always seem to respond to your users comments!

So, basically a big thumbs up...go get it!!