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Reviewed By wakax [all]
April 20th, 2016
Version reviewed: 10.10.5 on Mac

My favourite free (in beta/developement stages) synth in the landscape lately. And one of the best ideas in synthesis that was publically shared and wellimplemented. What I like most about Sinnah (and there are oh so few synths like this nowadays) is that, with very few controlls I can reach a very wide range of sounds! This is for me, one of the "must haves" in a good creative tool. Its sound could be defined as "organic digital", sort of physmod variant. (very very phat yet very digital). Good for everything: from wide orchestral like pads to short plinks and plonks, from fake oboes and roaring distorted leads to broken piano simulations. Clean fresh rescalable interface and sharp look. Very low CPU usage. Lots of good presets to start with. This little synth is already a beast and I'm really waiting for its offsprings and new generations of developement.

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Reviewed By wakax [all]
June 20th, 2013
Version reviewed: XP SP3 on Windows

I watched Photosounders evolution and I compared it with other spectral editors around ( Izotope RX, SpectraLayers, Metasynth and some other free ones: Coagula, Spear etc ) and I must say now, when it reached v 1.9 that Photosounder is (finally) mature and really usable to me, because it's quite fast and it has "Live Synthesis mode - it makes any change to the image heard instantly with no interruption." and this means A LOT of FUN. This feature makes it unique ( from my knowledge ) in the world of spectral editors and I am forced to give it a 10/10.

What other features I like in Photosounder:
1) it's FAST and it boots FAST
2) it's multi-platform ( PC and Mac ) and multiprocessor
3) it has a clean and concise interface and manual
( if you know the spectral slang, there is no way to stare or get lost because everything is neat and tidy, in one screen. If you are novice, the manual and YouTube examples will guide you - that's the advantage of the a mature product, I guess :)
4) it loads and saves audio and images + you can save/stream the sound as you play/edit
( if you don't like it's operations you can load the sound as image in Photoshop or any other image editor and go wild with image filters - I do :)
5) it has layers ( now that's a must feature to build complexity )
6) it has a lot of basic image ( that also means sound ) operations
( I still work with Photoshop for extreme experiments but default Photosounder operations and tools are enough for most of stuff )
7) it has scripting for advanced processing and sharing some knowledge.
8) protection is a simple keyfile you copy to your app dir
( that means you can use it on as many computers you want to, once that you bought it ).

It's a modern and full-featured spectral editor like no other that does what it says and it's an inspiring spectral playground to create new sounds never heard before. Also - I really appreciate nowadays when a tool is not bloated ... and I hope it will never be :)

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Reviewed By wakax [all]
July 27th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

news: Hydra v1.1 released (making hydra rock stable).
what should i say more - sounds very good - has a great user-friendly interface and quick operational - one of the best virtual analog synths around - is much much more then Junglist. like all synapse plugins, it sounds very diffrent from competitors. some say thats good, some say thats bad - but after you will try it you will buy it for sure. is a terrible weapon.
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Reviewed By wakax [all]
December 18th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

well - after some good organ emulation like NI's b4 and others (even good free ones) i still missed the vermona and farfisa cheese. but this vsti made me happy again. it is a really good modelled one and is cheap - its really hard to find a perfectly working vermona nowdays on synths market. i'm really glad that dash works turned out this way. i highly recomand this plug for jazzy / trip-hopish cinematic works. now lemme go back and play with it again :)
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