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Reviewed By Bladerunner1962 [read all by] on October 20th, 2021
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows.
Last edited by Bladerunner1962 on 20th October 2021.

Still the best DAW solution for me since many years.
A very easy workflow in order to use a huge number of VST and instances/instruments including selected soundsets/patches.
So you can combine all (best of) VSTi and selected/patches very easy without any limit.
Here I use on first hand the rack-build-function. You can build a rack for e.g. Omnisphere with only one instance of Omnisphere and all best of patches/multis/performances of all libraries. Each generated state of the rack stores the selected patch/multi/performance/e.g loudness, settings of Omnisphere. You can name each state by your own and place each state there you want. You can also build genre racks by type of patches/sounds. So you can very easy organize the favorite sounds by e.g. genre/type of multi/patch/performance.
By easy link the state function to any button of your keyboard/synthesizer you can switch directly from one state to the next or back state.
Now you can build huge/whole sets by using (all) your racks in order to combine different VST at same time.
Here you can also generate individual states and also can switch back/forward from on state to another.
So live and improvised playing through all your VST, selected patches/sounds couldn't be eaysier and better.
The performance is real impressive. I have e.g. a set of around 100 different VST (incl. e.g. Omnisphere, Nexus, Kontakt more times for each library) and at least 500 patches/mutlis/performances behind. I sorted and coloured them by genre to have always an easy overview. The first loading of the full sets is finished after only 2-3 minutes. Switching from one state to another takes only in average a few seconds (depending on which e.g. Kontakt library you using).
Therefore Cantabile Performer is for me still outstanding, cause you can concentrate more on playing/producing songs/improvising instead of loosing time in always selecting manually VST and patches/sounds within.

Reviewed By Bladerunner1962 [read all by] on November 28th, 2011
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows.
Last edited by Bladerunner1962 on 28th November 2011.
This is for me the best, outstanding VSTi in comparison to all the other VSTi I have.
It comes very near to my expectations only loading a VSTi and directly playing/improvise live.
Also I'm very thankful for the presets switch midi learning.
Around 20% of the soundsets/patches are really great. What I'm missing are Piano/E-Piano/Strings/Orchestra/BrassGuitar sounds in the quality compared to the great Choir/Voice soundsets of Omnisphere. I don't need all this atmosphere/scene sounds for live playing.

The handling is in general very easy and intuitive.
In comparison to all the other VSTi the explorer functions are the very best. Here you have a lot of opportunities to select and sort your favourite sounds.
Improvement wishes to that: It's not possible to store in a DAW a specific soundset with a project. If you reopen a project Omnisphere starts with the start screen. You have always click each time manually through the explorer. This should be solved with the next update.

Absolutly great is the addtional Ipad App. The idea with the automatic circling arp/sound modification is outstanding!

The Multi Presets (incl. i.e. Arp, Voice) are very easy handling.
You can very easy experiment with the soundsets and genereate new Multis.
But: cause I'm a live player (improvising) I wish more Multis in the future from Spectrasonics according to Soul, Funk, Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Rock.
All these Techno-/Atmosphere Multis I don't need.

Omnisphere is a lot of fun for playing!
But, you have invest also more money in it in comparison to other VSTi.
I bought until now only Omnisphere. I know, the full fun and wishes I only receive, if I would buy also Stylus and Trilian. Then the package is complete. But that would causes another 600€ investment. So if you have invested for all 3 packages your very near to a hardware/synthesizer investment. In the future I'm sure, that I would do further invests in Spectrasonics, cause the principle/concept for me is great!