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Reviewed By Slaapstadseun [read all by] on February 12th, 2019
Version reviewed: 2.03b on Windows

OrilRiver is one of the best reverbs out there. Great sound, great interface, easy to use, and very low CPU usage. It comes with 36 presets to get you started.
The plugin has two skins, dark and light, and the layout is well thought out. It has all the parameters you would expect to see in a professional reverb plugin,
and actually has more controls than some of the pro reverbs I paid for.
Settings ARE saved in Reaper - I tested this. Do yourself a favor and try this reverb out.

Reviewed By Slaapstadseun [read all by] on March 13th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Any OS

So I got Audiority Abstract Textures on the $1 sale. The demo sounded good and it looked like a simple tool with which to create long evolving textures and drones.

The purchase process was simple and creating an account with Audiority was painless. The email with the download links and serial info arrived within a few seconds of the purchase. Then came the library download - about 4GB in total. Installation was quick and I was happy to see we can move the library files to a different location, I have a separate hard drive for all my samples and libraries.

The interface of the VST is pretty simple - you can make basic edits very quickly. The plugin comes with about 30 sound sources, each of which has 4 variations. The variations are sometimes quite different form the original, so it would be accurate to say you have 30 x 4 sound sources. The filter and EQ in the VST are great, you can alter the character of the sound with ease. The sounds are all excellent quality and interesting, and the CPU hit is very low. The samples load very quickly. The samples themselves are long and have lots of interesting movement in them.

I tried several instances of Abstract Textures auxed to Dmitri Sches' Tantra and immediately got some wild new sounds.

Abstract Textures truly is a total no-brainer - just get it if you are into ambient or cinematic music. Gotta love these $1 sales!.

Reviewed By Slaapstadseun [read all by] on January 13th, 2018
Version reviewed: NA on Windows.
Last edited by Slaapstadseun on 13th January 2018.

Very good - nice oomph to tracks or on the master output. Pleasing interface and not hard to read.