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Reviewed By imental [read all by] on February 26th, 2015
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac.
Last edited by imental on 27th February 2015.

REmatrix by the joint venture of MoReVoX and Overloud is an extremely powerful convolution reverb plugin that is easy to use. It allows the user to combine five different impulse responses loaded simultaneously. There are over 200 to choose from. There is also a built-in algorithmic reverb that can be mixed with the convolution. It should be noted that Overloud is the creator of the impressive algorithmic reverb — Breverb-2! I'm sure they borrowed an algorithm or two from that beast!!! The impulse response levels are controlled by five sliders that are very responsive and accurate (Hall, Room, Plate, Early, Special). In addition, there are six Master Effects available to refine the overall ambient tone, which is graphically organized. For more creative control, it has two parametric EQs, compressor, panning, drive, delay, etc. A convolution reverbs main goal is to recreate realistic environments — real spaces; yet, many of these plugins sound cold, digital, and sterile. REmatrix's library of more than 400 presets boasts a wide variety of spaces. At least a couple hundred of them sound airy, warm, natural, and inviting. I'm not a reverb expert, so I rely on tweaking the presets and saving. These presets serve as an excellent starting point. Some of the things I especially dig about REmatrix include:

  • Straightforward, uncluttered interface (GUI).
  • Flexible and creative.
  • Cool name — REmatrix.
  • Simple workflow with relatively shallow learning curve considering the flexibility.
  • Creative control over the nuances of the generated ambience.
  • Excellent factory library. Props to MoReVoX.
  • Ability to create a customized library.
  • Low CPU.
  • Latency? I can't hear any.
  • Sounds fantastic.
  • Innovative developer.

Question? Will future revisions allow users to use side-chain signal to control the compressor? Speaker or amp simulations?

REmatrix gives anyone working with digital audio the much sought after magical ingredients — power, flexibility, control, and ease of use. In the right hands (and ears) this would certainly be "the most impressive reverb ever created by a plugin." I highly recommend this fine convolution reverb and give it two spacious thumbs up. OverLoud has done it again — this time in a partnership with MoReVoX. Thank you both for creating such an amazing reverb plugin.

Reviewed By imental [read all by] on February 26th, 2015
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Mac.
Last edited by imental on 26th February 2015.

Limited-T by LVC Audio is a straightforward, yet versatile track and buss limiter that allows users to add a wide range of pleasing color that ranges from digital clarity to analog warmth via the X/Y controller. This plugin successfully captures the nuances of vintage compressors and limiters without having to heat-up any tubes. Despite its ability to add warmth, it's fairly transparent — any added tonal characteristics are gentle and help work wonders on busses. The plugin is responsive, and it's very easy to finely adjust the output ceiling to provide protection without flattening the track into oblivion. I demoed this plugin on a dynamic vocal track, and with little effort I created a smoother track with a constant level — the tracks peaks were sculpted without any obvious loss of dynamics. I pushed the levels to the extreme and avoided clipping and digital distortion. I especially like the following features:

  • Easy to use, yet versatile.
  • User-friendly, modern GUI.
  • Smooth tone.
  • X/Y Pad is fun for tweaking.
  • Provides the glue needed to cement busses.
  • Cool developer — inventive and responsive.
  • Fantastic price.

This might be an odd request, but how about a randomizer to generate a variety of possibilities?

For tracks and bussing, I think it's important to have the ability to make some adjustments according to the needs of that specific segment of audio. Limiting while mixing can be tricky — it creates safety, but often at the cost of musicality. Limited-T makes it easy to use sparingly or heavily after recording the tracks. Regardless of where and when — Limited-T delivers. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone tracking digital audio. For those looking for something to master with, LVC released a mastering limiter plugin that pairs up nicely with this plugin — both being sold at a great price. For performance and value I give Limited-T an unlimited thumbs up.

Reviewed By imental [read all by] on February 26th, 2015
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Mac.
Last edited by imental on 26th February 2015.

Limited-MAX by LVC Audio is a fully featured mastering limiter that provides a loud and transparent sound. To accomplish this, MAX dynamically selects from three different algorithms — Clean, ClipShifter (fast transients), and Peak Saturation (sustained loudness). The dynamic decision is made via the flashy dynamic algorithm, which can be easily overridden by sliding around on the X/Y pad. MAX is truly invisible — it limits the peaks and enables the average level to be raised and prevents clipping without adding any color, harmonic tint, distortion, or pumping. When mastering, increasing the perceived volume of an entire track is usually desired. However, as is true with any powerful limiter, if pushed too hard the dynamics get flattened to death. MAX is more than capable of gently reducing the odd waveform peaks by a few dB without causing any harm. The end result is a smoother mastered stereo track that has all of the perceived dynamics. Back in the day, analog clipping wasn't always bad. In fact, sometimes levels were intentionally pushed to their limits to maximize sound quality, but in the digital world clipping can easily become digital distortion, which is nasty (in a bad way). Audio is often set at -3dB of lower to prevent such nastiness. MAX has look-ahead and therefor can be thought of as a true brickwall limiter; yet, with the right settings, the track will not crash into the wall and die. My favorite features:

  • Slick interface. .. lots of parameters, but not overwhelming.
  • Powerful and flexible — lots of control to shape the sound.
  • Dynamic EQ for reducing or enhancing lows or highs — nice bass gain.
  • Style knob enables easy customizing.
  • Enthusiastic, innovative, responsive developer.
  • Great price.

The selectable output metering features a color scheme of gold against the white background with red indicating the reduction. It took a little getting used to, but it grew on me; The factory presets are really good and work well as is and/or can be used as a starting point to adjust from; however, it would be nice to have more presets to choose from.

When mastering, I believe it's vital to use a limiter that protects the track and doesn't add anything unwanted — the only "character" I want in room while mastering is me! A limiter is the cleanest way to boost average level without clipping, and MAX does this very, very well. MAX can be strapped across the master buss as one of the last processes with the goal of total transparency and no added coloration. This plugin is extremely precise and won't allow anything over their upper limit, once set. MAX will undoubtedly become my mastering safety net. I highly recommend this fine mastering limiter to anyone working with digital audio who is looking for a clean, transparent, and natural sound. I give Limited-MAX two transparent thumbs up.