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Reviewed By U-o [all]
November 30th, 2019
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows

This is the most favorite multi FX plugin in my folder right now. I really falled in love with version 1, but this one is much more powerful, with more features and it is also more CPU friendly (my PC needs only 3-4%, while Frostbite1 6-9%). Now I can only drag and drop each tab to change a signal flow which is quite handy and it's much better than it was in previous version and as a bonus there is resizable GUI. The only thing I don't know how to disable is "Bell" (notification) icon on top right corner, telling me whats new on AudioThing website. Frostbite2 is really cool plugin and it's must have for everybody - you can put it on drums, pluck sounds, pads... and it always sounds amazing! I will never regret purchase of this plugin.

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Raw Material: Found Percussion Samples

Reviewed By U-o [all]
April 16th, 2017
Version reviewed: 1 on Any OS

I was looking for unique percusion sounds and decided to buy this pack (2017/04/16). There are more than 300 samples included in this pack, well categorized into several folders. Great samples quality with nice price! Thanks ModeAudio.

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Reviewed By U-o [all]
March 14th, 2016
Version reviewed: 8 on Windows

This is the best free bitcrusher VST plugin now! It's easy to use with resizable GUI and sounds great. I have older laptop, but CPU is low. I tested this plugin in FL Studio 12, without any problems like freezes or crashes. Tempo synced modulation is also good bonus. Very easy to create effect you want. Really good plugin.

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Reviewed By U-o [all]
September 20th, 2015
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows

It's crazy, that nobody wrote review before me for this plugin.

I downloaded demo version weeks ago and played with it few hours. It never crashed or freezed my DAW. Zip file includes .dll file which you can easily export in folder you want (with VST plugins), but there's no manual for KickR. In my opinion you don't really need it and there are also 2 videos in Guda website if you want to learn how to use it.

KickR is fun to play with. GUI looks simple and clean, but don't be fooled with just few knobs (some "extra" knobs you get when you choose "Extended Body Section" - default is "Classic"), this plugin is hot! Really hot! And you have all you need to make good kick drum. It is one of the most powerful VST for creating/editing kick drums. In few minutes you get (original) kick drum sound that fits perfectly to your track. I also tried to create some other sounds like snares, hats and other percussions... but... well... it's best suited for kicks.

You can use your samples and import them in this plugin easily to change character of your sound. Knobs also have mousewheel support, so you can easily tweak your sound without annoying mouse clicks. I'm just missing function to type value you want for each knob. You can also choose different color schema, 3D look and few other things.

CPU usage is really low, in my older notebook it's about 0-1% (Win8, 32-bit, 2Ghz). Price is great too, only 19$/19€.

This is good choice for anyone who wants to get great kick drum sound with just few clicks and it's done in minute.

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TLs Saturated Driver

Reviewed By U-o [all]
November 29th, 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows

This forum is full of topics about saturation (tape, tube... how to use it... blah blah blah) and it seems that it is phenomenon of these days. I'm not professional music producer - just hobbyist - so I don't need spend hundreds dollars for VST every year.

TLs Saturated Driver is nice plugin for adding saturation (for vocals and synths) or distortion (for guitar)... I never used it on master channel. GUI is clean and simple, knobs are self explanation. There are also some presets to start with (not much, just 9 + 1 default), but I thing that's enough. In zip file you can find "readme.txt", but I think, that you will never need it. CPU usage is ultra low (2% in my old notebook - 1.6GHz). I use it mainly on lead vocals to add some presence and saturation, distortion (call you as you want).

You can also find some other "saturation-based" plugins on TbT website site (e.g. GreaseTube, TubeLimit...) but I consider this one the best of them.

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PSP VintageMeter

Reviewed By U-o [all]
November 28th, 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows

No reviews yet? - Strange.

I tried lot of VU meters before I found this one. I don't have any other plugins from PSP, but this one is good. Use it on every track in FL Studio.
On front side you can change type of metering (VU or PPM /Peak/) by simply click on the switch. The meters have an adjustable integration time (300ms), but you can change it by click on "PSP VintageMeter" label. You can also change 0VU Refernce level, PPM integration time, PPM return time, Meter delay and Overload counter. CPU usage is near zero for this plugin.

GUI would be a little bigger for me but regardless of this is PSP VintageMeter the best VU meter here.

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Reviewed By U-o [all]
November 28th, 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows

Often I ask myself if it is necessary to buy commercial plugins. Yes, it is... sometimes. The first time when I used this plugin I was really excited; clean GUI, just few knobs and good results... ideal for beginers.

Over time I started to see minor flaws. The biggest problem for me are these knobs: Ratio, Attack and Release. I don't know why, but Threshold (0 - -40dB) and Make-Up (0 - +20dB) knobs can be turned gradually (I'm using FL studio and I can see knob's current value in "Hint Bar"). Ratio could be set from 1.5:1 to infinity, but value in Hint Bar starts in 0.0000, and it shows 4 when it is 10:1 (???WHY???), moreover knob only "jumping" from value to another value and turning is not smooth. This is similar for knobs Atack and Release. Therefore, I think, that you can't set exact values, but only approximate values for these knobs. If you want something more precise, I suggest to buy de la Mancha Sixtyfive compressor - it's only 15$.

I really like VU meter (very useful) and also "Dirt" button - I loved it on drum bus. When "Dirt" button is ON, CPU is little higher, but not more than 5% in my old laptop (1.6GHz).

If you want good, free and easy to use compressor, get it, you can't go wrong.

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Spreader LC

Reviewed By U-o [all]
May 16th, 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows

This is really good plugin!

I was looking for a long time for an effect, that could easily spread vocals recorded in mono and it seems, that I found one.

I don't tell you, that SLVR Spreader is the best stereo expander or enhancer and works great with any situation, but in this price range has no competition (intro price is only 14$).

Mildon also earlier released Vocal Spread (3$), but SLVR Spreader is much much better.

There's no manual included in .zip file (maybe would be useful for someone) but I think, that you don't need it.

GUI is nice, clean and looks like "older brothers" from Provoc Series Bundle. There are three modes for widening the signal. I will mostly use "Delay mode" for vocals but there's also "Wide mode" for group tracks or mastering and "Shuffle mode". On the left side you can see channel meters showing amount of widening to the signal.

Thank you, Mildon!

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Provoc Exciter Silver Edition

Reviewed By U-o [all]
March 2nd, 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows

Mildon says: "PROVOC EXCITER lets you enhance the depth and brilliance of any vocal track. It can bring a dull or flat vocals to life instantly."

I can't sing so I don't know how it sounds on "vocals", but it's miracle on rap or spoken words. I use this plug-in every time in my vocal chain and it never crashed my DAW (FL Studio 10/Windows XP).

It has just few parameters but it can do more than looks. You have some presets to start, but I always create custom settings according to the situation.

There's no manual included in zip file, but you don't need it. Mildon answered all my question in few hours.

Only thing I don't like is scrollable GUI but I hope that it will be solved with next update. Nowadays it's the only one commercial FX in my vocal plugin chain and can't believe that it's still cost just 9$.

If you're looking for some good and cheap FX especially for vocals, take a look on Mildon Provoc Series (Exciter, Primer, Grader... and Vocal Spread). It's a good choice for you to start with and you won't regret it. It's all you need for vocal processing in your home studio. Trust me!



Exciter (with new focus selector), Grader and Primer are now included in Provoc Series Bundle.

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