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LM-4 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By jonljacobi [read all by] on 31st March 2020
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
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I'm not sure why everyone was so negative about this plug-in. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, which is simply play back drum samples with some small tweaking. I used it for years with excellent results. Overpriced perhaps, but you were really paying for the drum samples.

I know these reviews are from yesteryear and the plug-in is out of date, but I have to question what some of these people were smoking.

Sitala [read all reviews]
Reviewed By jonljacobi [read all by] on 23rd February 2019
Version reviewed: Beta 1 on Mac.
Last edited by jonljacobi on 9th July 2019.
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Love the interface and simple tweaking. With velocity layering I would use it even more. I personally like it clean and would prefer it not venture into FX. Funny, I thought this was more of a rating than a review. No one found it useful, hence...

Sitala is a simple, low CPU usage drum sample player with 16 voices, drag and drop loading, and six simple tweaks for each pad: shape (ADSR), tuning, compression, tone, volume and pan. It's super easy to alter sounds, but there's no detailed editing of samples. It's one sample per pad, though velocity layering is on the road map.

The interface is attractive and easy, and it's cross platform and available in VST and AU flavors so you can use it with anything but Pro Tools natively. The included kits sound very nice and you can get unique sounds in no time. Highly recommended and free.