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Stylus Classic

Reviewed By Adrian C [all]
June 21st, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.03 on unspecified OS

I've had Stylus for over a month now and it has to be the most inspiring production tool i have ever used !!!

The interface looks great and is idiot proof, no scrolling through loads of pages its all there infront of you.
All your movents on interface are automatically recorded when you go into zone edit mode, which is really handy if your doing stuff on the fly.

The filter's sound wicked, and can be assigned to your choice of controller.
There's a really neat 'Random' setting which does some mad thing's to your loops, and sounds great on bongo's/conga's, it gives them a sort of 'live jam' feel.
When the filters are used together with pitch you can really make some of the drums scream!! and these are all assignable to each key for some mad effects on the Groove Control loops.

The loops themselves sound great and cover all genres of Breakbeat material, with 1000 to choose from, i don't think i've heard all of them yet. (there's almost too much to choose from).

The Groove menu's are a great place to start from, they're tempo grouped and placed across the keyboard, its good to use these to see how the loops fit together.
There's a choice of 'Groove Menu's' or 'Swing Menu's'
with 4 tempo sources in each.
Once you find a loop you want to use Stylus will tell you which GC file it came from! (save's a hell of a lot of searching :)

Groove control is where this thing comes into it's own though.
The individual slice's all sound brilliant and once loaded recreating your own versions of the loops is a doddle.
With 38,000 different samples including Kick, Snare and perc menus your not stuck to the sound of the origonal loop if you don't want to be.

It been rock solid on my Mac and use's hardly any of the CPU. So if you want, you could open loads at the same time without your computer falling down

All in all if i could give Stylus more points i would, It really is impressive and easy to use.

I highly recommend it to anyone who want's TOTAL CONTROL over their beats.
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