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Reviewed By dreammaka [read all by] on March 13th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Mac
Filterscape VA is one of 3 plug-ins in Filterscape bundle.
Filterscape bundle includes the Filterscape, FS VA, FS 6Q.
among them the Filterscape VA is the most used plug-in.

this is one of the best sounding VA.
I have a lot of instruments.
but the filterscape VA stands out from others.

the UI is very well organised and easy to use.
Documentation is very good.
Sound quality is just amazing.
customer support is great.

only thing I miss is some more FX and more filter options.
but Urs clearly said this is not all in one instrument.
the main focus was on the Filterscape, not Filterscape VA.
(I'm waiting for Zebra2, it's gonna be good)

but still I use this a lot because of its sound quality.

I didn't like the presets included but I always do my own sound programing.
so it doesn't really matter for me.

and finally value for money.
you get 3 plug-ins for price of one.
and filterscape VA alone is worth the money.
(I got this before version1.0 was released so I paid a lot less than
the price now)
Reviewed By dreammaka [read all by] on January 28th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac
This is the most interesting filter I ever used.

I have PSP nitro, Ohmforce QF and few other free or reaktor filters.
but this thing just stands out from crowd.

user interface is great. for every ohmforce products there is
standard(classic) skin and Funky skin.
I usually start with classic skin because all the parameter is
layed out clearly.
after I get used to classic skin then I move to funky skin.
I love funky skin. it just make plug-in joy to use.
more I look at the plug-in, more I want to use it, and also
it gives me more creative ideas :-)

QuadFrohmage has 4 filters. and each filter has good number of
mode like LP,HP,BP,BR,Moog LP etc.

and as for almost every ohmforce, you can have independent
LFO and Env for every parameter.
it just makes everything so much easier than having few
set of modulation matrix source and target.

so you can do almost everything you can imagine with filter FX with

but what's with all this amazing GUI and features if it doesn't
sound good.

well it does sound GOOD, very good.
by comparing to other filters, QF usually sound dirty and aggressive.
which mean you can make soft mellow lead sound really
distorted and make it scream.

but it can do simple soft LP filtering too.
it's just that I like it to sound aggressive.

Ohmforce provides really good docuement with QF.
also, they have tutorial for Quad Frohmage.
I've read all of there documents and it gives me
clear idea of what it can do and shows me all the
parameters that I need to know.

I don't use any of supplied presets but I did auditioned many of
presets and they were excellent. I just don't use them becuase I
like to make my own presets or make setting as I make music.

some people might think this plug-in is quite expensive but
with all these features it's worth the money.
it's just the best filter you can buy with money.
I recommand all of Ohmforce's plug-ins.

oh it never crashed on me :-)

so I give this plug-in 10/10.
good job Ohmforce!
Reviewed By dreammaka [read all by] on January 16th, 2005
Version reviewed: 3 on Mac
I had absynth since version2, but I haven't used it much.
after I upgraded to absynth3 for free through komplete2 upgrade,
I'm using it everyday. becuase of new GUI.

version3's GUI makes programming much faster and easier.
and looks a lot cleaner.
some people hate this GUI and I was one of them but after
installing the new version and having to use it for a while
I can say I was wrong. new GUI is much better than previous one.

but the most important thing is the sound and it's really amazing.

with new unison feature it can make quite good analog synth sound,too.
but I think the strength of Absynth3 is the granular/sampling feature.
you can take any sample and make really complex evolving sounds.
and often I sample other synth and use that sound as a osc.
that gives you more complex sound too. imagine sampling
reaktor's complex pad sound and use it with absynth's
graunlar function.

I was hoping more new features in version3 upgrade but
still in my opinion it could be the best synth ever released.
(maybe with zebra and exphraze too)