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Reviewed By nuisance sonore [read all by] on January 6th, 2006
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows.
Last edited by nuisance sonore on 6th January 2006.
This synth is a nice little surprise from krakli.
I've been looking for a long time for a synth with which I could practice piano using different sounds than the getting to be boring piano/rhode/wurly sound, and while this might seem like a simple task, in reality it isn't. Most synth can make beatifull sounds as long as you play one or two key at a time, but when you play complex chord, the sound tend to break down and distort; even very expensive synth tend do that and it can be a lot of work to get them to do the clean sound you want.
Not this one, you can play the most complex chord and it will still sound clean (if that's what you want, it can get gritty too but it's your own choice) while behing very expressive at the same time. A really nice player instrument, comes with a hundred very useable presets to get you started and it's real easy to tweak on the fly, interface is clean, just like the sound, with just the right amount of control. No documentation is really necessary, everything you need to know is right in front of you.
I was demoing complex FM/hybrid synth costing well above the $100.00 mark when I stumbled upon this one, and to my surprise, it's all I really needed regardless of the price (but it turns out to be free! can't beat that).
I know I should put "cons" in my review, but I really can't find any in the context of the use I put the synth through; it does what I want smartly and efficiently, cpu useage is quite low, it looks good and all the control I need for what I want this for are there with none of the bloat that would only be a distraction from my playing. Well, maybe midi learn would be a feature I would like as to control vibrato and filters from the keyboard directly.
The KVR rating is a bitch to do thought, like the documentation I don't even know if there's any as I didn't need and didn't look. Support? It works, I don't need support. So I put ten everywhere but I think rating shouldn't be mandatory, or be more flexible.
This one's a keeper, way to go Krakli.