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Reviewed By grooveartist [read all by] on November 30th, 2012
Version reviewed: v1.7 on Windows.
Last edited by grooveartist on 30th November 2012.

Just installed and poked around a bit. In a short time, I was able put to use in a sequence (FL Studio is my primary platform). With one track playing a melodic sequence and the Homegrown ARP track sent to the same synth via MIDI out, I had a nice "more complex" melody being generated. By simply toggling in the ARP on such controls as "latch", 'hold" and "polyphonic" ("muters" was the default selection in the patch I chose), I was able to very easily generate some very nice melodic variations.

Would lend itself nicely to live playing with controller buttons mapped to the ARP controls.

I may come back and rate it higher later. I gave it an "8" initially as I was able to get some fun results with not much effort. Downside is "lack of a manual or tutorial video" ... but the ARP VST is inexpensive. I may "up my rating:" later with more exploration. I only touched about 5% of it's features. This could potentially be a "10" in compositional variation value for this price range.

The demo version is fully featured, but times out after 30 minutes per session.... so anyone can try it out to see if it fits into your "melodic toolkit" before you buy.

Reviewed By grooveartist [read all by] on November 6th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
I love this VST effect! An affordable addition to anyone’s palette of digital effects. I find myself using this one effect more than all the other effects with similar sound possibilities that I've purchased before, including some that cost a lot more with well-known names. After reading the latest Electronic Musician article (Nov or Dec 06 ... I forget which issue) about loading multiple instances of the same effect in series (the mag wasn't reviewing this effect ... I just chose this one to play with), I tried this with Ubergate. Great results!
Do try this effect! You will love it! Lots of usable presets. Easy to take an existing preset to new sonic places. Well organized UI. A "must have" for anyone into serious groove making. I'm keeping an eye on Electrosounds for more to come after discovering Ubergate. I'm really surprised I'm the 1st to review this one. It is a gem. I’ve been using it on drums, guitars, and other VST synths. It makes it quite easy to take a simple groove and give it a lot of rhythmic character and variation.