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TranceEngine Standard

Reviewed By vinci [all]
November 16th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

TranceEngine by FeelYourSound is an all in one MIDI generation and music creation system, with just about everything you need, especially in terms of midi, (except drums) to create trance music. In this review, I show how to use TranceEngine, how to import midi, export midi, and some of the MIDI editing tools. How to use TranceEngine inside of Ableton, and how to create different genres of music (not just Trance!) in this really useful tool - for example I think its a really cool way to make Synthwave! I compare TranceEngine to HouseEngine and explain the differences, plus more.

TranceEngine Review Video!

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HouseEngine Standard

Reviewed By vinci [all]
November 14th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.2.0 on Windows

Hey, after trying the demo for HouseEngine, I decided to buy. Why?

Well its fairly cheap, for starters its about 46 dollars, so its wasnt a big "decision", but what I liked about it was it gave me the ability to create authentic sounding house music. Its not just the automatic chord creation that I liked, but the different arrangement options that sounded so good together. Its all midi, so everything was tweaked (I would recommend tweaking otherwise your music will sound like everyone elses!).

I made a video where I walked through HouseEngine for the first time (this is before I purchased) but still gives you a lot of info about how the VST works. Its a free demo, just with limited capabilities, so if your not sure, just try it.


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