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Channel G

Reviewed By kvrkvr [all]
February 28th, 2024
Version reviewed: v6 on Windows

i have NV v6, but regret Not purchasing the HD DSP version,
there is No upgrade path from NV v6 to HD v6,
v7 removed 32-Bit VST's, changed Skin color.
v7 is for people that want Native M1 mac.
v7 licenses are Not backward compatible with older installers, as far as i know.
v6 ilok does Not allow PC license, only USB.
Linux requires PC license, does Not work with USB only.
dont know if v7 allows PC license method.
Newer McDSP website is Not as useful as older website.
i want to sell NV v6 or trade for HD v6.

Not interested in v7.

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Equalizer V1

Reviewed By kvrkvr [all]
February 28th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

LinearPhase version was too expensive, $699usd in 2006.

EQ v1 LP had a different color:
Standard DX version:

VST / AU 2010 version had a Darker Blue, harder to see.

SonicTimeWorks were aiming at the Algorithmix audience "Mastering Houses"
LinearPhase Red, Orange, Blue at 1/2 the price.

Standard EQ was $250usd. from STW web page, | $200usd. from AudioMIDI in 2002

was included in some Cakewalk Sonar versions,
Cakewalk Sonar replaced STW EQ with Kjaerhus Audio EQ.

EQ v1 was re-released for VST / AU in 2010 for a brief period of time, before company was 404.
$139usd. DX owners could upgrade to VST for $59usd..
But best sounding was DX version... using FFX4 DX to VST.
There was No point upgrading to VST on Windows,
few people had both systems, Mac & PC.
a friend had Sonar but didnt upgraded.

STW had similar VintagEQ for Creamware SonicScope DSP was $150usd,
a friend had Creamware DSP but didnt purchased,
probably DSP had the best sound.

EQ v1 was Touch Screen friendly "Microsoft Surface 2 Pro tablet", 96kHz ready,
Clean Digital mode was nice | Vintage Analog emulation was Ok,
but i ended up purchasing PSP MasterQ 1.02
i could only affort one, never regretted puchasing PSP MQ 1.02, still use it.
i like more the Analog Emulation of PSP, even it lacks a Clean Digital mode, lacks bands, etc..
years later purchased McDSP Channel G v6 for "Clean Mode"
P.D. Harrison VST Channel EQ similar sound to PSP, SSL X-EQ maybe similar, more tests needed.

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PSP MasterQ

Reviewed By kvrkvr [all]
February 27th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.02 on Windows

old MasterQ v1.02 Cream Color, New v2 is Dark like the Photo, purchased from PSP store years ago... old version had dynamic Latency, when plugin is Oversampling 2x internally from 48kHz to 96kHz to 48Khz, plugin increase latency, when Not, has 0-sample latency, but CPUs in that era were Not Fast, DAWs freak out, Oversamplign needs perfect phase alignment, sometimes cannot do it, requires a Turn-Off/On. PSP decided to avoid that, next versions had Fixed latency. i prefer v1.02 vs. v1.6 vs. v2.0, PSP also changed the algorithm in v2.0, more Bits, according to .pdf manuals. MQ1 sound is very nice, my favorite EQ for x86 CPU. Mac version was PowerPC G3 G4, later intel, OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 has Rosetta to Emulate PPC on intel 2010 macs Not tested. Linux can load VST plugins with Carla, MQ2 ilok requires PC license method, No USB on Linux, MQ1 serial activation. for CPU MQ1 sound Very Analog... DX more transparent vs. VST, ffx4 from VB audio.fr can load DX in VST. EQs have 4 main Q shapes, Narrow to Wide, like GML/SSL/Neve, but... Not exactly, most EQs 0dB = +4dB in the Highs, PSP MQ 0dB = 0dB, sound darker, but has a knob to change that to all bands. i prefer MQ1 vs. many others in the same Vintage category. Linux requires to register Dx .Dll to regedit, easier VSThost or Carla for Windows when using DX plugins. There are many other EQ plugins, but 2 main categories: Digital/Clean or Analog/Vintage, some plugins have a Clean or Vintage switch, very nice feature, MQ1 lacks Clean Digital mode "2 EQs in 1", Not as touch screen friendly as others, but i like it, there is something about MQ1.02 that makes me wanna go back, also has different Limiter, Saturation, Soft & Hard clipping algorithms to stop peaks going over 0dB for mastering or recording.

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