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Reviewed By topaz [read all by] on August 21st, 2014
Version reviewed: 10.8.5 on Mac

I absolutely bidule.

It really is a huge problem solver for me.

I have the standalone in my startup, it fixes things like the poor velocity output from my keyboard controller, it remaps a stock Behringer FCB1010 foot controller to control the selected track control script for live 9.

And remaps to use the FCB1010 as a stompbox using guitar rig 5.

I use it as a vsti in live 9 to host MIDI plugins like Cthulhu.

I really would be lost without plogue bidule.

Reviewed By topaz [read all by] on October 1st, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by topaz on 1st October 2003.
Wow, this baby honks.

out of the free VSTi emulations of a Stage73 EP this is the closest I have heard, sure you may get better emulations out of Lounge Lizzard or EVP73 but they come with a price tag.

add a little DB tremelo and boost the eq's a bit and Rhode sits into the mix just right.

it has a certain amount of that drive we know and love from the Stage73, although of coarse the very fair priced Pro Version has more control.

I would like to say that the previous reviews are a case of taste, but in my opinion they are way way off the mark.

one guy said it could not be used in Pro Productions ?
well that is so so untrue. anything can feature on anything, we have used $400 VSTi's to Freebies like Cheese Machine and infact Rhode in our commercial

all in all a great freebie and well worth getting the Pro Version.

Reviewed By topaz [read all by] on September 29th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.65 on Windows.
Last edited by topaz on 30th September 2003.
Vokko 1.65

what can we say about Vokko, 1st up we have tried just about every vocoder plugin out there
(minus Vokator by NI)

and this baby beats them all hands down, it gives instant vintage vocoder-ing as well as more warped tweaking fx.

many vocoders we tried needed lots of setting up and messing before getting a decent sound, not the case with Vokko, it does it right away, instant gratification.

another really cool feature is using it as a pitch locking effect, ie:fixing flat notes in vocal parts.
(not like autotune that can have the cher munchkin effect we all know and hate ? )

before snubbing Vokko as a synthedit creation
this one 100% proves that good ides/design can sound as good as any other format.

the price is outstanding and the fact you can load your own sf2 carriers makes it one fantastic plugin.

big thanks to Matias.
Reviewed By topaz [read all by] on March 27th, 2002
Version reviewed: 102b5 on Windows.
Last edited by topaz on 27th March 2002.
VAZ has many uses, not only is it a great analog synth with 100,s of presets it has built in arp/seq with song and pattern modes, it also hosts my fav vsti's & fx.
vsti's & fx can be mapped to external midi controllers so setting a control surface is a breeze.

my main use for VAZ is using the standalone version as
a vsti/fx host on a 2nd pc, it comes with a 16 channel mixer with dynamic plugin chainer's for stacking up fx for each vsti or vaz synth, it can host 16 vsti's/vaz synths with seperate midi inputs for each.

because it can host vsti's it's easy to overlook the vaz synth itself, I have just finished setting up start up projects with 8 vsti's and a stack of fx so next up will be to get into the vaz synth.

many thanks to all @ www.software-technology.com