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Sonigen Modular [read all reviews]
Reviewed By 2NDMOUSE [read all by] on 3rd October 2013
Version reviewed: xp on Windows.
Last edited by 2NDMOUSE on 3rd October 2013.
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This synth is incredible !.


collected many vsts from kvr, and I have yet to hear anything that sounds quite as good as sonigen. Its an astounding synth .

Not only does it sound amazing, but it is so versatile and can turn its hand to anything. There are a huge amount of free synths out there and there are only a small amount that really stand out. I could download a synth a day for a year, but the vast majority of them sound thin and whiny, but sonigen is cut from a different cloth entirely. Its a beast. Its a swiss army knife capable of the phattest basses, the lushest pads, and really analogue sounding leads that have real depth and bite. Im gonna be using this in everything from mow on ! What a find.

Glitch [read all reviews]
Reviewed By 2NDMOUSE [read all by] on 24th April 2011
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows
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I love this machine !
I've literally sat for hours , clicking random on the sound sources i fed it , and combined it with other VST effects , in order to build a catalogue of one-shots and assembly parts which I then rearrange and process further.
I've fed it everything from vocals to restaurant ambience and I'm always amazed at the results it spits back at me.
There was a tendency to overuse it and the ring modulation was a dead giveaway , but used subtley , this is one awesome little machine and should feature in any sound enthusiasts sonic arsenal. It's essential.
ObliqueVST [read all reviews]
Reviewed By 2NDMOUSE [read all by] on 7th September 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by 2NDMOUSE on 7th September 2006.
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Great little plugin for giving fresh inspiration. I fully endorse its use as it can help you think outside the box.
Download it.It's free and is a great addition to any FX chain.
It doesnt generate sound or affect any sound , but if the mind is the greatest and most important tool involved in the process of making music , then this little tool can help direct the mind to alternative ways of arrangement.
The fact that its customizable , allowing you to enter your own inspirational thoughts and phrases makes it more personal.
When you click the little ??? box in the bottom right-hand corner , it'll randomly select such gems as " Your mistake was a hidden intention " and " Destroy nothing : Destroy the most important thing "

It's really easy to use , and comes complete with decks that you can load into it.
The secret is to trust what it says , no matter what.
Sometimes it'll throw up something really simple , like just one word...." Water" and you have to try and apply that to your music , so it can be great for developing discipline , as its probably , in some small way , akin to working to a brief set by a film company who would like a particular style of music and are very particular in their request

If its good enough for Brian Eno , it's good enough for me.
Cheers Haydn !! I use it all the time =)