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Drumma [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Megawattt [read all by] on 19th March 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Megawattt on 19th March 2018.
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First of all i want send some love out to Studiolinked team for creating products that have helped me a lot in my music productions, i have bought CRANK, MODERNIZE and my last recent purchase was DRUMMA.

DRUMMA is an excellent drum machine with a vast amount of drum and percussion sounds, these sounds are FAT! also plenty of kits, you also have total control over each drum sound enabling you to filter, tune the sound, adjust the attackdecay, there are also on board effects which add even more dimension.

I would have given this plugin 5 stars but my only gripe is that DRUMMA does not have separate outputs for each pad (It would have been nice to have at least 6 outputs) for such a professional VST drum machine i am surprised that it does not have this feature so that we producers can do even more processing and control over each sound, yet i still bought it because it sounded TUFF! so i am now asking, no, i am begging the Studiolinked team for DRUMMA 2, this time with separate outputs then this will be the only drum machine that i will ever need! please Studiolinked team do the right thing :-) i have put cash aside for this.

SP1000 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Megawattt [read all by] on 16th March 2017
Version reviewed: V1.8 on Windows.
Last edited by Megawattt on 16th March 2017.
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I have been a KVR member since it's early days and i have never been inspired to write a review on a plugin until i bought the SP1000 from Stuart Pryer and i have got to say that i did not want to write this review because i wanted this synth to be my secret weapon as a source for bass after i tried the demo version, my word! for bass this synth is LETHAL!!!!! it has raw powerful oscillators and filter with character, with a little tweaking my basslines are now like an axe chopping through the mix as opposed to hollow, sterile bass sounds that i was getting from other vst's, if the SP1000 can deliver good basses i am sure that it is also capable of some good strong leads as well, Stuart Pryer and his SP1000 creation has taught me a valuable lesson in VST analogue emulation that i will cherish for the rest of my life, thank you very much Stuart.

Pros: - For such a high quality and well coded VST (Very low CPU consumption) this is £20 well spent, a very solid investment, i love the vintage GUI, i use this for bass only so if you are looking for a bass solution to up your game, buy this VST and spend a little time (Like i did) tweaking the oscillators and adjusting the filter to your taste, learn this VST and you have bass for life.

Cons: - The only con (If you are fussy) is that it is 32-bit only, at the end of the day it' all about the sound and for me this VST plugin delivers proper bass! you can use jbridge if your DAW setup is 64-bit, i use Reaper which has it's own 32-bit bridging, there are no other cons.

As i have mentioned before, i did not want to share this information but the bottom line is i have a conscience, we are on this planet to help each other and i hope that this review will help you in the low frequency department on your musical journey.