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ANDI VAX REVIEWS 004 - Multitrack preparation

ANDIVAX REVIEW 004 - Multitrack preparation.

Preliminary Project Preparation:

  1. breakdown by instrument groups (drums, bass, synths, vocals, fx).
  2. removal of all unnecessary effects from the project (master bus, send fx) to free up CPU.
  3. removal of all effects from the tracks (sidechain, reverb, delay, compressor etc.).
  4. leaving all 'concept' effects (the track's 'special features').

Requirements For Multitrack:

  • a separate audio track for each instrument, 44100Hz/24-bit.
  • a maximum volume should be put on every track but not higher than 0 dB.
  • All processing should be removed: compressors, eqs, delays, reverbs, sidechain, etc.
  • special features of the track should be exported with 'WET' mark in the filename.
  • give proper names to all the files (vocals main.wav, synth stab.wav, etc).
  • do not forget to mention tracks's BPM.
  • include all MIDI parts properly named.
  • provide track preview in MP3 160-192 kbps.

Music: Andi Vax feat Ira Champion - Dorogi (c) 2013.