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Banjodoline is a virtual Banjo and Mandolin Audio Unit, VST and VST3 plug-in for Windows and macOS which also includes a Mandocello, Mandola, Octave Mandolin, Banjolin and Electric Mandolin fretted stringed instruments emulation.


  • Quick loader to select between different instruments:
    • Mandolin.
    • Mandolin Tremolo.
    • Archtop Mandolin.
    • Mandocello.
    • Mandola.
    • Octave Mandolin.
    • Electric Mandolin.
    • Banjolin.
    • Tenor Banjo.
    • Plectrum Banjo.
    • Banjolele Banjo Uke.
    • 5-String Banjo.
  • ADSR envelope generator.
  • Low frequency oscillator with modulation depth and rate.
  • Filter section.
  • Reverb control.
  • Amplitude range control.
  • Pitch bend control.