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BPM wizard - Tempo Manipulation for Ableton Live & Link

With BPM Wizard from Soundmanufacture you can set a Reference Tempo and up to four subdivisions of the Reference to Automate Ableton Lives Tempo.
There's also an LFO driven Envelope where you're able to modulate Lives Tempo.
Beside this, you can enable Ableton LINK inside BPM Wizard and can set the Devices in your network to another Tempo.

Key Features:

switch between different Tempi.

all Tempo Divisions are depending on the Reference Tempo you set in the Device. If you change the Reference Tempo all Subdivisions of that Tempo will follow.

Connect to the Link Network. You're able to connect the Device to the Link Network, which enables you to make polyrhythm Patterns in combination with a link Device.

modulate the Tempo by an LFO driven Envelope between a certain range. Both Tempi, the Host & Link Tempo can be controlled independently from each other.

set the Offset of the Tempo, when Ableton Link is enabled.