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Experimentals — Tapes (Max for Live Devices)

I wished I could carry my tape recorder everywhere, so I made Max for Live devices for this.

Tapes is a set of simple audio processing tools for Ableton Live that simulate the unique sound and characteristics of tape recording machines playback. This bundle includes two devices, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Tapehead works in-line and is designed to recreate the dub effect of parallel mixing with a tape machine. It features a moving tapehead that simulates the process of recording to and playing back from tape, allowing you to easily incorporate a tape feeling into your mix.

Tapeloop is based on a looping sample and is designed to recreate the Varispeed effect, which was a common technique used by tape recording engineers to manipulate the pitch and speed of recordings. The device allows you to easily adjust the speed and pitch of your audio.

They both simulate the nonlinearities of tape machines, creating a rich, tape-like sound that adds character and depth to any audio source. The two devices also features a built-in FIR filter, which uses impulse responses recorded from actual tape machines to add an authentic analog-like feel to your recordings.

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For inquiries, please DM @ instagram.com/matisse.y.