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Evolver by Solidtrax - 64 new sounds for the discoDSP Corona synthesizer

Unleash the full potential of your tracks with the "Evolver" sound bank, now available at Solidtrax and the discoDSP shop. This meticulously crafted collection features 64 presets tailored for DiscoDSP Corona, engineered to elevate your music across a plethora of genres from nostalgic 80s pop, the pulsing beats of synthwave and retrowave, to the rhythmic drive of trance and techno.

Buy at https://sites.fastspring.com/discodsp/instant/solidtraxevolver

Evolver comes loaded with a versatile array of sounds, including arpeggios, robust basses, lush chords, dynamic drums, expressive leads, rich pads, and more, each harnessing the enhanced features of the latest Corona synthesizer. Expect impeccable sound quality, a variety of distortion models, extra filters, new analog envelope curves, and a user-friendly GUI that can be zoomed for ease of use.

Compatible with both OS X and Windows, and 100% royalty-free, Evolver is designed for seamless integration into your current setup with easy installation instructions included. These presets are not only made with velocity and mod wheel responsiveness in mind but also make extensive use of the modulation matrix for that extra layer of sonic depth, provided you have Corona version R5.1 or newer.

For those looking to expand their sound palette, the Evolver bank is a prime choice, offering everything from ambient textures to cinematic scores and the electric energy of EDM 1 At discoDSP, the upgrade to the latest Corona v6.0 adds even more value with a slew of enhancements like a new 3D rendered skin, native ARM support, and bundled expansions, among others.