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discoDSP HighLife 2.0 for MAC / Windows VST 3 / AU - Tutorial: Getting Started (Create Sound Fonts)

The video is a tutorial on how to get started with discoDSP HighLife 2.0 for MAC / Windows VST 3 / AU. Here's a summary of the main points:

1. Introduction: HighLife from discoDSP is a performance sampler with a built-in wave editor. It has five effects and flexible modulation routes. It uses 32-bit floating point for working with wave tables and allows for an unlimited number of zones.

2. Features: HighLife allows you to work with 128 programs, each of which can contain samples. It also has a filter section, an ADSR envelope, modulation LFO, and a modulation envelope. It also has the ability to morph between different states.

3. Effects: HighLife comes with four different effects: chorus, delay, reverb, and a special Daft sound effect. Each effect has its own set of parameters that can be adjusted to achieve the desired sound.

4. Editing: The software allows you to trim, reverse, rectify, apply distortion, fade in/out, normalize, and remove direct current from your samples. You can also set loops and add cues from sync.

5. Auto Drum Machine: When multiple files are loaded, HighLife can automatically spread them across the keyboard, allowing you to trigger different samples with different keys.

6. Morphing: HighLife allows you to morph between different states. This is done by adjusting the modulation wheel while playing a note.