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Frightening Sounds Royalty Free Halloween Sound Effects

Features: 151 Royalty Free Frightening Sound Effects | Includes Universal Universal .WAV, Apple Looped .AIFF, & Recycle RX2 | 24-bit 44.1 Stereo Files | Soundtrack Loops presents Frightening Sounds. Strange voodoo from Mexico—it's Frightening Sounds. This is not your typical scary sounds collection—instead of that faux-creepy stuff you might expect to find on a title such as this, here we have something that's way more surreal. Producer Edgar Lopez knows both Foley craft and the art of music, and this makes all his work stand out as being unique in both arenas. Frightening Sounds is no exception—again, we have the Tom Waits-level weirdness, the slightly twisted, slightly ironic and totally spot-on sense of humor, the groovy equatorial rhythm feels, but this time, Edgar has also built in a vintage automaton-like crankiness that would sound perfectly at home in a Brothers Quay film—again, key word: surrealism. This arthouse vibe is what makes Frightening Sounds stand apart—it refuses to be typecast as gothic horror or dark industrial, and veers toward doing its own thing, which of course will better help you do yours when you need some dark potions dripped into your timeline. Frightening Sounds—80 beat loops at 85 and 120 BPM, and 71 one shots for your toolbox. Dry bones, rusty pipes, owls and rain, unknowable chants, unspeakable secrets—this title is great on its own, and a perfect fit in the growing Soundtrack Loops / Edgar Lopez collection of libraries that merge music creation and Foley sound design in a remarkable and refreshing way.

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