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Green Box - Omnisphere Patches

Green Box is part of a new series of presets for Omnisphere.

A truly unique soundset of 80+ presets for Omnisphere, unlike any other. Each preset includes expertly designed effects, unique to each patch.

The Green Box also has complex mod wheel controls which allow for effect changes, modulation, tonal, and layered control of each patch live.

The Green Box is part of a series of presets for Omnisphere which includes "Red Box", "Blue Box", and "Green Box".

The Green Box is designed to add some new sonic ideas to the series. The presets included both extend the series as well as bring new sounds to it.

The Green Box offers some unique category additions:

New in Green Box are Rhythms.
These are not ARPs but rhythmic presets made with effects or by other means.
The result is something exciting and inspiring.

The Green Box has some very special basses.
These basses are best classified as ultra analog.
The combination of sounds, effects and style add up to some very full bass instruments.

The Green Box has a strong collection of Pads.
We use classic hardware synths and combine them, then add effects to create stellar hardware combinations that will warm your heart.
We designed these pads to be very flexible, suited for all styles of music.

The Arps in Green Box are designed to take things to the next level.
From classic 70s ARPs to more modern.
This includes some very interesting minimal to more elaborate Soundtrack ARPs.
Extensive Mod wheel controllers allow for very musical live morphing during play.

Omnisphere is very well suited for experimentation.
Experiment lead to explosions...
Where would we be with out drums and percussion?
The Green Box offers some unique drums and percussion.

Green Box introduces a new category, HYBRID.
Hybrid takes multiple sounds sources to create something completely new.
Many instruments share similar qualities but often it is the differences that make them unique.
Here you will find some new and unique instruments.
These can be very inspiring and interesting.
Just the thing necessary to allow the Muse to flow.

Green Box has some intriguing vocal presets ranging from Ethnic to Ethereal.
Presets made with only vocal performances are placed in this category.
You may find other presets made with vocals in other categories but the ones made here are focused exclusively on the human voice.

The Atmospheres in Green Box are complex in nature.
Each one is a sound scape with unique qualities and concerns.
Many are layered sounds that are juxtapositions, designed to create a sense of space, depth and sonic environments.
Because each Atmosphere is designed completely different from the others, you will find that they can fit into a large variety of musical styles.
Many of the Atmospheres work right out of the box and sound great without the need to over-dub.

The Green Box Keys take traditional keyboards and add a twist of sub-lime.
These keys have a broad range of usage, from Film to Pop.
As most synths already have standard keys, we wanted to bring something special to the table.
Here you will find a unique collection of traditional keyboards in non-traditional settings.

The Green Box continues with some ethereal guitars.
These multi-layered instruments have a broad array of usages.
Many of these can be useful for Ballads, Ambient, Film, you name it.
Each Guitar includes extensive controller data.

Classic vintage hardware leads.
Including leads from Ob-8, Moog, Roland 8000, Juno, Phophet 5, CS-80 and more.

Many of the sounds are a mixture of traditional instruments with nontraditional sounds-capes.
This presets group,"ACST" are presets that have some acoustic instrument or sounds that are blended with other sounds to create complex sonic combinations.
These presets may have both ancient and modern characteristics and often change ofter time.
The Mod wheel is the main controller here, setup to blend effects, filters and modulation to add further control over each preset.
These presets are very flexible and add sonic dimension to all kinds of musical styles.
They also have the added benefit of sounding different on every listen.

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