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Kling Klong – Preset Walkthrough (Soundset for Hive 2)

Kling Klong for Hive 2 is a collection of 170+ unorthodox synth percussion loops and hits, with countless variants via Hive's XY pads. Most 'Mono Loops' are arpeggiated sequences, letting you create variations by simply holding down different notes across the keyboard. The 'Poly Loops' make good use of Hive's polyphonic shape sequencer instead of the arpeggiator/sequencer: By stacking notes the user can turn slow loops into complex rhythms or dramatic repeating 'flams' – an unusual technique well worth exploring.

Available here: https://u-he.com/products/soundsets/hive-soundsets.html#klingklong

00:00 - Mono Loops 04:49 - Poly Loops 09:57 - Fantasy Hits 14:36 - Reality Hits.