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Chordophonet Virtual Concert Pedal Harp, Celtic Harp, Electric and Synth Harp plus Hammered Dulcimer VST VST3 Audio Unit Plugins plus EXS24 and Kontakt Sample Libraries for Windows and macOS (32-bit and 64-bit)

Chordophonet is designed to emulate the concert pedal harp, Celtic harp, electric and synth harp as well as an acoustic and electric hammered dulcimer. Includes a set of 20 pre-recorded harp glissando, two harp arpeggios, harp trill plus two hammered dulcimer glissando presets.


  • Quick instrument loader to select between different instruments and glissandi presets:
  1. Concert Harp.
  2. Celtic Harp.
  3. Electric Harp.
  4. Synth Harp.
  5. Harp Glissando 01 Two Handed.
  6. Harp Glissando 02 Two Handed.
  7. Harp Glissando 03 Sweeping.
  8. Harp Glissando 04 Swirling.
  9. Harp Glissando 05 Upward.
  10. Harp Glissando 06 Downward.
  11. Harp Glissando 07 Up-Down 1.
  12. Harp Glissando 08 Up-Down 2.
  13. Harp Glissando 09 Up-Down 3.
  14. Harp Glissando 10 Ripples.
  15. Harp Glissando 11 Cascade.
  16. Harp Glissando 12 Waterfall.
  17. Harp Glissando 13 Arpeggio.
  18. Harp Glissando 14 Wavy Up.
  19. Harp Glissando 15 Resonant.
  20. Harp Glissando 16 Echoes.
  21. Harp Glissando 17 Slide Fx.
  22. Harp Glissando 18 Ending Fx.
  23. Harp Glissando 19 Undulated.
  24. Harp Glissando 20 Miscellany.
  25. Harp Trill Slow to Fast.
  26. Harp Short Arpeggio.
  27. Harp Arpeggio Up-Down.
  28. Acoustic Hammered Dulcimer.
  29. Acoustic Hammered Dulcimer Octaves.
  30. Acoustic Hammered Dulcimer Glissando 1.
  31. Acoustic Hammered Dulcimer Glissando 2.
  32. Electric Hammered Dulcimer.
  • Low Frequency Oscillator Section: These knobs apply modulation to the selected instrument. By using the LFO to modulate various aspects of the audio signal, you can apply effects such as vibrato or tremolo.
  • ADSR envelope generator with Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters.
  • Pitch Bend: The Pitch Bend knob directly changes the pitch of the selected instrument.
  • Reverb built-in: provides a spaciousness and depth to simulate the sound reflections from walls, floors and ceilings following a sound created in an acoustically reflective environment. Small rooms can be modeled as well as large spaces.
  • Filter Section: with filter type box for low pass filter and high pass filter.
  • Panning potentiometer control.
  • MIDI CC Automation: Implementation of MIDI Continuous Controller parameters for use with external hardware control via DAW.
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