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KX77FREE - Border line in grey sky (x64 Cubase session, 21 stereo VA, 27 min)

31/12/2017 - New plug-in - SE PolyMod KX (open se1 - VST3 - VST2 - AU - VST2 x86)


One track added: "Electronic Music Immersion - Part 3 - Border line in grey sky", Cubase session in 48k, 21 instances of x64 VST3, 27 min, encoded in WMA 24-bit/48k.

Download the track here (VLC compatible):

I played this track when I debugged my x64 instruments and also to test a new plug-in, SE PolyMod KX. I'm building this one to help the SE community to debug SE 1.3 with a synthesizer similar of my actual PolyMod but to simplify all and to export it in APPLE format (AU)* this plug-in uses only the original SE SEM* provided with SynthEdit (oscillator, filters, adsr...). I provide also its SE1 file and its skin elements (see its license) by this way that will be more easy to debug the last SE 1.3 and SE 1.4. This plug-in is polyphonic but as its internal sample rate is oversampled up to 8 (3, 4, 8) all of its 104 presets are monophonic by default. On Win VST I grouped the original SE SEM to reduce the size of files.

*This plug-in is available for OS X but I have not any APPLE PC to test it, I just exported this one in AU format with the last SE 1.4. To compile SEM for OS X an APPLE computer is necessary. So this AU plug-in is an alpha release. You're welcome to help us to debug SE AU plug-ins...