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New Sample Expansion For Mellotron V

SuperTron For Arturia Mellotron V.

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The Mellotron is one of the great electronic instruments of all time.
A defining sound in the music of King Crimson, Yes, The Moody Blues, Genesis and The Beatles it had a uniquely atmospheric and unmistakable quality.

Arturia released Mellotron V and we have been working on a set for it that incorporates new samples.

"SuperTron" For Arturia Mellotron V is a combination of hardware synthesizers and the Mellotron.
Its the first library to combine hardware in this way.
Now you can have a large collection of hardware synths combines with classic Mellotron instruments.

What's really cool is Mellotron V allows you to use some of the sonic characteristics from the Mellotron such as Flutter or Mellotron mechanics, directly on the new hardware sample library.
The result is some very tasty instruments.

80 Presets
New Sample Library from Hardware Synthesizers