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Parawave Rapid Synthesizer - Going Deeper - New Sample and Preset Expansion

Going Deeper for Rapid Synthesizer.

Sample/Preset Expansion
(Requires Rapid 1.8.0+).

Inreo Special now on, no discount needed.

"Going Deeper" is a great synth for sound design due to its powerful features.
Features that include 8 synthesis layers, granular, sample playback, 8x unison, tons of Fx and modulators, etc.

For going deeper, we added a new sample library taken from hardware synths.

Our goal was to bring warmer, more organic sounds to Rapid.
We used these to create lots of pads, keys, Arps, ect.
We also created several very deeply programmed atmospheres taking advantage of Rapids many layers.
The result is an expansion uniquely aesthetic and tastefully different from the factory presets.

More info here