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U-he Repro 5 Meets Classic Prophet 5 Presets - Available For Repro 5

Eloquent Circuits for U-he Repro-5

Special sale, no code needed.

Eloquent Circuits is a soundset for Repro-5 that has a long history of evolving...

The Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 holds a special place for me in the world of hardware synthesizers.
This is because it was the very first hardware synth I owned.

I had put tons of thinking, researching and investigation into what synthesizer to purchase.
Being a fan of Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Vangelis, is what made me decide on the Prophet 5.

So here were are with a software version of this awesome synth and a new soundset that comes from years of listening to this very first synthesizer purchase.

With "Eloquent Circuits" I wanted to recreate the sounds that had initially inspired me and to go some steps further.

The soundsets contains 80 presets including:







Cool Prophet Fx.