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SE PolyMod KX - KX77FREE - Electronic Music Immersion - Part 4 - Raimbow Sunset



02/04/2018 - Update of x64 plug-ins SE PolyMod KX (v1.02) and Kx Modulad (v4.06a)

One track added: "Electronic Music Immersion - Part 4 - Raimbow Sunset", Cubase session in 96k, 18 instances of x64 VST3, 19 min, encoded in WMA 24-bit/96k.

In 24-bit / 96k: WMA with no limit of bit rate - compatible with VLC, Windows, Android... Only 52 mo for 19 min!

The new plug-in SE PolyMod KX is open and you can learn and modify it with the modular software Synthedit:
If you are a Mac user your welcome to help to debug the AU version. To built the AU version simply you save as with the last SE 1.3255 and you go to your current windows documents, the AU will be inside the Synthedit projects folder, in Mac export folder.

Kx Modulad:
Fixed bug: possible overload of FX filters when initialization on Cubase with a loaded SoundFont bank.

SE PolyMod KX:
- New oversampling features: VST up to x4 and VCO1 x8, less CPU use.
AU version (alpha): new zip (SE 1.3255)
- Done for the current tests.
x86 Win VST (beta): new zip (SE 1.3255)
- Some graphic elements do not work on Vista (Scope, leds, ...) following your host program.
x64 Win VST (beta): new zip (SE 1.4078)
- Built with SE 1.4 to use the new internal management of the presets, it is stable I used it for my last track.

To operate on Windows the SE Polymod KX plug-in requires MicroSoft files called the "Visual C ++ Redistributable Package". These need to be installed only once on each PC that uses this plug-in.
Link to get the 2015 version (the 2017 version is compatible, check your already installed packages).