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Shadows for Permut8 demo2

As with all the screen capture examples that I've posted to demo Shadows- I really hope this one illustrates how much color and rhythmic power using "performance" to change from program to program within these Permut8 banks.

the sound of the Permut8 device itself is wonderful...and the changes to the audio put through it simply by flipping the series of switches and turning the few knobs are sometimes breathtaking. I really hope that YOU get as much out of using Permut8 as you can. I hope that Shadows will help to shed some light on just what this device is capable of doing (sorry for the pun;]).

Shadows is now available here: https://gumroad.com/l/Shadowsbybb

please use the code 'intherain' for 40% discount on Shadows and all other blortblort product through 2-21-2021 please feel free to pop by the shop and see if there is anything of interest to you;] https://gumroad.com/blortblort

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