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the only home weve ever known (Shadows for Permut8)

This video was created to showcase the presets for an upcoming set that I will be publishing for the excellent Permut8 VST device created by SonicCharge.

Shadows is now available here: https://gumroad.com/l/Shadowsbybb

please use the code 'intherain' for 40% discount on Shadows and all other blortblort product through 2-21-2021.

please feel free to pop by the shop and see if there is anything of interest to you;] https://gumroad.com/blortblort

for this demo- I used one of the preset banks from my "Shadows for Permut8" set... I used an insert on the same channel as Dr Sagan's voice. I routed MIDI to Permut8 so that I could use my keyboard keys to change Permut8 programs in realtime...this is how the sometimes drastic changes in the echoes on Dr Sagan's voice were created. The true power of Permut8 as a sound design tool is the ability to route MIDI to change the programs in realtime. the process of how to do this varies from DAW to DAW, but this is described on page 13 of the Permut8 users guide pdf: https://soniccharge.com/public/Permut8%20User%20Guide.pdf


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