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Tal-Mod - 140 Stirring Presets Including Atmospheres Pads Arps Keys and More - Special Discount

"Power of Sound" Presets for TAL-Mod.

(Special discount on now).

TAL-Mod is an exciting new virtual analog synthesizer.
It offers 3 oscillators with saw, pulse, triangle and sine waveforms and almost unlimited modulation capabilities.
Listening to the factory presets reminds me of other synths geared toward EDM but TAL-Mod is capable of so much more.
"Power of Sound" has been designed to push Tal-Mod to the next level.

"Power of Sound" goes into new territory.
Like some of our other soundsets for Omnisphere 2 and Repro-5, we took TAL-Mod into territory not covered in the factory presets.

The categories include:










The set includes 140 presets.
The presets feature Tal-Mods extensive modulation capabilities.
A broad range of electronic styles are included including presets for Electronic, Film, Ambient, Pop, Dub, Retro, Chill, Game, more...

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