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Tutorial: How to find the perfect sounds from your personal audio libraries with the Jamahook Sound Assistant.

In this video, we show you how you can find long-lost or half-forgotten samples, loops, instrumentals, stems and other audio content on your local music libraries that perfectly complement the arrangement of the song you are currently working on in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)., using the Jamahook Sound Assistant. An AI-powered sound-recommendation plugin.

The Jamahook Offline Agent first analyzes the folders with audio content from your personal, locally stored music libraries on your computer or hard drives. It then listens to your current music project in your DAW and analyses all the melodic content to suggest audio content for different musical elements from your folders that are compatible with the song.

For this to happen you need to place a single instance of the Jamahook Sound Assistant plugin on your Master track. Put the plugin before any mastering effects such as EQ or limiters. Typically it will be the first plugin on your master bus.

In this video, we are working with Logic. The process will be similar to your chosen digital audio workstation.

The Jamahook Sound Assistant will listen to 4 bars of your project so far. First press the Match button. If necessary, adjust the start of the playback to the corresponding position in the project. Then start the playback. Once the Sound Assistant begins matching, you can stop the playback as you wish.

The Offline Agent will display a shortlist of different audio content that has similar tonal content to the music that it heard. It will stretch loops to the required BPM and transpose them to the required key. You can audition these loops against your track by pressing play in the Sound Assistant and starting the DAW transport.

Once you've found the audio content you want to use you can drag the loop to your project where you can chop up the loop, add effects, or simply use it as is. By default, Jamahook will ensure that the Loop is now in the right key and BPM. That's it.

If you want to find further inspiration for musical components that you don't have in your local audio libraries, you can easily switch to the Jamahook cloud with hundreds of thousands of loops. If you like anything from there, just sign up for a subscription and add loops with a royalty-free license from within the plugin. Whether you want to use the plugin to shortlist melodic loops for your tracks or you are simply looking for inspiration from your own repertoire of audio content, the Jamahook Sound Assistant Offline Agent makes it easier to compose, produce, and remix.