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What is Gullfoss?

We'd like to thank our friends for their kind words about Gullfoss.

Please check each of their entire videos and visit their channels:

Sara Carter, Mix Engineer, BBC (Adele, The Black Keys, Lady Gaga): https://youtu.be/ivHTlhkDGQ4

Robert McClellan, Home Studio Simplified https://youtu.be/1mSjGpad618

Archie Beatz, Producer, Composer, Engineer & Musician https://youtu.be/v-7J_rd8u8A

MixbusTV, David Gnozzi https://youtu.be/ssC1SnhoQZ8

Produce Like A Pro, Warren Huart https://youtu.be/GKLywqOa0_A

Andrew Huang https://youtu.be/4JhFsegv-QI

Reid Stefan, Realest Puppet In The Game https://youtu.be/g0cch1Gu9q0

Craig Peters https://youtu.be/JASxGfCtKH8

Mattias Holmgren, Producer & Sound Designer https://youtu.be/LXvXe_OGu6I

Mixdown Online, Chris Selim, Producer, Engineer, Musician https://youtu.be/LXvXe_OGu6I

Sanjay C, Producer https://youtu.be/TLXWuKDfvpc

Ryan Bruce, Riffs, Beards & Gear https://youtu.be/QHEOmY0SNLg

Soniq Sounds, online music academy: https://youtu.be/ecqxl4p0Yyg

Zen World, evosounds.com https://youtu.be/ydkhebqpmNY

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