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The best Roland Juno 106 & Juno 60 emulations
July 29, 2021
The Roland Juno 60 and Roland Juno 106 were two of Roland's most iconic synthesizers from the 1980s. They had a signature sound that ranged from clean digital to gritty analog, with plenty of in-between sounds. In this article, we'll take a look at some Roland Juno software emulations for your DAW that will help you to recreate the classic sounds of the 1980's or discover entirely new ones!
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10 of the best cinematic percussion instruments to check out in 2021
June 30, 2021
Thunderous toms? Check. Ear splitting crashes? Yep. Organic ethnic rhythms? Of course. We've got you covered in our list of 10 cracking cinematic percussion libraries and instruments you should check out. All the tools you need to elevate your cues to epic proportions on any budget.
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The top 10 free synth plugins you should try in 2021
June 7, 2021
10 completely FREE VST synths you should try in 2021.
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