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1208 Reviber

Reviewed By preso1616 [all]
August 12th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Tested this plugin on CLA mix from CLA mix course. I put this on the master bus and started turning up and down the levels on "Shine" and "Thick" and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Very fine nuances glue things together nicely. "Shine" brought out the snare and cymbals and added shine to the mix - and it did so in a very musical agreeable way. Nothing harsh. The "Thick" added a nice bass bump, round and rich and again very musical. I am very pleasantly surprised by the results. In Studio 1 Pro this plugin uses 0% resources with 0 ms latency. This is important because this means you can put this plugin on multiple tracks and buses to add some honey where needed. So I give this free plugin 5 stars because it does exactly what it claims and it does it very smoothly, musically with 0 impact on resources.

If I could wish for additional features, then it would be maybe to add a stereo width knob or some kind of depth knob or mid/side knob. Maybe 1208 Reviber will add this in a later edition.

Overall I can recommend to add this sweet little tool to your arsenal because it will inevitably come in very handy during your mixing and mastering.

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1208 Reviber

Reviewed By eranmadi84 [all]
August 6th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

So much clarity & fatnnes bring the mix up to life. I love this plugin, I'm much more than happy because it's the best for mix & mastering, it's glue things together and make it louder on the master buss. the most Exciter Enhancer ever.its a sonic exciter enhancer with only two knobs: "Shine" and "Thick". The developers are quick to point out that the real magic happens behind the scenes. "Shine" adds a bit of glitter and sparkle to your sound, while "Thick" is capable of some serious fattening. Reviber looks like a quick and easy way to polish individual sounds and tracks, or even entire mixes. It's a Windows-only plug-in, available in 64-bit VST2 and VST3 versions. Free REVIVAL VMR I suppose....


it's glue things together and make it louder on the master buss. the most Exciter Enhancer ever.I love this plugin.

becase, So much clarity, to bring the mix up to life.

I love & die on this plugin.

64-bit VST2 and VST3 versions of easy to use plugin.

it's the best for mix & mastering.

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