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I'm a professional composer, producer and mixing engineer with nearly a decade of experience in the studio.

In 2018, I've decided to create my own series of virtual instruments aimed at expression and playability eliminating the need for keyswitching and articulation-based approach to music. Infinite Series is a collection of next-generation realistic virtual orchestral instruments for NI Kontakt offering unparalleled expression and playability, multiple mic positions, flexible instrument positioning for variable and custom section sizes, and extremely low resource requirements.

Music is like a language. If you were to try stringing together pre-recorded words to form a sentence, you could make it work every once in a while, but mostly it'll sound weird, inexpressive and all around fake. So why are we approaching music that way?

Every phrase is played differently, and every player will perform it in their own way. With Infinite Series instruments, you can perform any phrase in an infinite number of ways with your own personal response to the music—right on your keyboard.