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Speedrum lite
Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
August 23, 2020

Really clean and easy to use interface. I particularly like the sample editing functions. Would recommend if you need a free (drum) sampler VST.

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Speedrum on Linux
by apisonic at 2 May 2021, 07:43
Speedrum Lite updated to v0.9.2
by Teksonik at 11 Apr 2021, 11:33
add file brower to speed up use speedrum! :D
by carlosigls at 14 Feb 2021, 05:33
by sinkmusic at 14 Feb 2021, 04:08
Midi note ?
by apisonic at 29 Oct 2020, 02:36
Speedrum lite updated to 0.7.1
by chuckwood at 29 Sep 2020, 00:31