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AIR Music Technology

Based in Germany, AIR Music Technology started as Wizoo Sound Design, one of the earliest pioneers in virtual instrument technology. The AIR team is responsible for the core of much of the effects offerings in Avid's Pro Tools software, and also developed a suite of award-winning virtual instruments specifically for Pro Tools. Leveraging this history of excellence, AIR's mission is to create the world's most innovative virtual instruments, music software, and effects.

AIR is a member of the premier family of brands known as inMusic, which also includes Akai Professional, Alesis, Alto Professional, ION Audio, M-Audio, MixMeister, Numark, and Sonivox*. Committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the DJ, music production, live sound, musical instrument, pro audio, and consumer electronics industries, each of inMusic's brands creates cutting-edge products that incorporate and build upon the latest in engineering, design, and technology.

Products by AIR Music Technology

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Latest reviews of AIR Music Technology products

Reviewed By mpoirier
April 9, 2021

Recent xpand2 update (Xpand!2_2.2.7.21000) is broken.

After installation, no sound is coming out in Reaper, Waveform11 and Ableton Live...

Just like the other recent update attemps: DB-33_1.2.7.21000, MiniGrand_1.2.7.21000 and Velvet_2.0.7.21000.

I have been using Air Music plugins for a long time but lately all updates have issues...

UPDATE: After uninstalling and clearing windows registry, re-installed and the plugin now makes sound !

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Reviewed By krofork
April 1, 2021

I write this review only because i disagree with 1/2 star rating.


Obviuosly it is not perfect software:

1. MIDI export is ridiculous. I use reaper x64 and did not face technical issues, it worked as intended by twisted minds of developers. It works, but you won't like how it does.

2. GUI is outdated, but it is related to all AIR.

3. Highly unlikely you will find any third party libs/grooves for strike.

4. Key mapping is fixed within software (to use MIDI patterns from other soft drums - you can use MIDI key remapping (at least in reaper)).


1. Price. I'm not talking about full price - it quite often on sale (discount differs).

2. It is quite fast. I tried Slate Drums (in fact it was choice for me between discounted SSD and discounted Strike). I did not like SSD workflow - it is more "modern" but just did not ignite me in anyway. It loaded samples very slow (or it seemed so for me). Strike was like Flash superhero in comparison (but if you have fast drive - that's not issue, i think).

3. Strike has very fun to experiment possibilities to humanize/randomize built in patterns. Just playing with knobs can give you interesting results. In fact it can somehow explain why MIDI export is so clunky - because built in patterns are not MIDI chunks, but patterns with "variation logic". You can edit them in internal editor.


I would not recommend it for full price. In long run it may not be perfect choice. If you can grab it at good price 20-40$ (yes it can go as low as 20 sometimes) - i think it is good point to transit from free drum software to paid.

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Reviewed By Shannon Davis
March 16, 2021

I was hesitant at first. It does not look fascinating like Hybrid 3 or Vital. I am so glad that I went for it. The sound is rich and mesmerizing. I have an actual vintage melo tone 300 that i hook up the wah wah, delay pedal etc. to. I can get the same sort of sounds and conveniently play through my DAW on my MPK25. I am in love. AIR music technology VST plug ins are wonderful and so is their customer service. Go for it. It is worth every penny and you will not regret it. Thank you SO much.

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Reviewed By TimCumper
March 6, 2021

An impressive plugin - especially for the price.

The designers have done a good job providing loads of "stock" sounds, playable instruments & rhythm loops - the ability to combine up to 4 parts - each with level, 2 sends to built in FX with control, Arpeggiator and Filter.

Obviously a tad out of date, but nevertheless certain to find plenty of use.

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Mini Grand
Reviewed By sterzoni
February 7, 2021

The worst user support ever experienced: the technical service does not respond to the user's inquiries. The company promises to contact the user, but then it does not. Here's my experience.

On December 13, 2020 I purchased MiniGrand from the KVR online store; the software has been duly activated in iLok. Still on December 13, I sent a technical support request through the AIR website because, notwithstanding the instructions in the user's guide, I was unable to get MiniGrand recognized by Logic. I received an email from the company, confirming that the request had been taken in charge and promising contact from a technician in 48 hours, but nobody ever touched base with me. I sent the request again on Dec 18, received the confirmation email, and I'm still waiting for the tech support to contact me. A few days later I was able to solve the problem by myself, but a new issue arose: MiniGrand on my computer sounds like a low-bitrate sampled piano, with poor quality. I'm using much larger libraries on the same machine without any problems. My computer fulfils all system requirements as reported on the website. I tried to send an inquiry through the website on Dec 24, but the request couldn't be completed due to technical problems with the webpage. I then sent an email to the sales department; a person from the software support team replied on the same day, but his message simply provided a link to a webpage confirming that MiniGrand was compatible with MacOS Catalina (the version if called "2020 update" on the AIR website). I replied that the problem wasn't solved and asked for another solution, but never got any feedback. The company has never contacted me, even though more than one month has passed. I find such behaviour unacceptable for a paid product and I regret spending my money for this VST.

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Vacuum Pro
Reviewed By rich.lepez@gmail.com
January 12, 2021

Wonderfully noizy.

It's basic, full of capabilities and quite simple as long as you use the presets.

It's much more complicated without but it's only because you have millions of possibilities. It's quite hard to meet the sound you have in mind but it's amazing to experiment new sounds and unusual vibes.

Still, the sound of VacuumPPro is so 80's;o).

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Reviewed By SNFK
November 16, 2020

First, I got this for free when I got it in a hardware bundle, so I don't think I would have paid $149 for it. The GUI is a little hard to understand from first glance if you don't traditionally use Air Music Tech products, but after a bit I was able to get the gist of it (with this being my first synth from them). The synth itself comes packed with a lot of presets that seem a bit outdated, but there are still a lot that fit well in modern music. The only major issue I ran into was the lack of stereo imaging for one Part. To create a preset with stereo width, you need to duplicate Part A to Part B and pan them away from each other (hence taking away a Part). Other than that, I would recommend buying if it is on sale.

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Mini Grand
Reviewed By aaronpocock
August 28, 2020

I LOVE this piano. great presets, infinitely editable, deep rich and resonant.


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