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Reviewed By noiseresearch
December 23rd, 2021

Great sound and very flexible plugin. It needs some time to get around all the functions but it's definitely worth it. This one can go from very subtle (harmonic) enhancement to harsh distortion. A lot of modulation options too. This became my go-to shaper. I tend to produce/mix without any emulated eq, comp or or other stuff introducing (unwanted) sat/drive/whatever into my signal, so I keep things clean unless I want to saturate/drive/warm-up/whatever. For this task apShaper is fantastic as I always can put as much of the effect in different tastes at any point in my signal chain. It's great on every kind of signal (guitar, drum, synths) once you know how to operate it. You can also perfectly use it as a part of your mastering chain like I do. Great price tag too.

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Reviewed By [PTMAO]Dusk
November 20th, 2019

Great plugin. odd that this the first review! Just tested the demo for version 1.0.1 build191117.


-The modulation panels adds great features to the all saturation circuit, making it possible to control when and how the saturation happens;

-The different algorithms for saturation sound really good (harmonic / tube / saturation / steps / wavefold) and how we change the shape it great;

-The filter types for Eq are enough for manipulating the sound! they are post-shaper, i believe;

-GUI resize from 50% to 200%, very nice.

-CPU wise - even in ultra mode doesn't "suck" much CPU and is great in the number of samples it introduces (using the compressor lookahead introduces some more samples has usual).

- Spectrum analyser makes it possible to visualize how the sound has changed in reagards the process made, is great, avoids 3rd party plugins for that task;

-Two programmable knobs for any plugin task, amazing feature;

-Phase input and output, many will think is not necessary, but when dealing with saturation many things can change along the process;

-Variable DC filter;

-MIDI controllable;


- Meters could display dbFS values;

-Alt /Ctrl + Click doesn't reset the knobs / sliders to default values;

Feature request:

-Introducing a module swap to change what comes first in the chain.

-Two saturation units to combine drives.

-more UI skins.

Thanks apulsoft, keep the good things coming.

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Reviewed By alwinbrauns
August 24th, 2018

This is the best Equalizer I know!

It is not only an EQ! With the modular-system you can easily build a... :

  • De-Esser.
  • Dynamic EQ.
  • Auto-Pan.
  • Auto-Filter.
  • Compressor.
  • and much more.

The prize is very low for what you get!.

There are always incredible good updates.

This plugin uses the advantages of digital!!!! Not a "magical" analog eq for 200$, it is a futuristic EQ! No magic bullshit, this EQ is on point!!!

The only contra is that beginner maybe struggle with the modular routing. But even without using the moduls it worth its price!!!.

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