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Auburn Sounds

Maker of Graillon, Couture, and Panagement.

Auburn Sounds' mission is to have the largest impact on Electronic Music production, building meaningful products with unprecedented attention to quality.

We leave no stone unturned. Each product is painfully crafted in every detail.

Panagement is the breakout product that found its place among thousands of professional studios across the world, despite a very competitive market.

Graillon not only propulsed itself amongst the best products for Pitch Correction, but was also the first plug-in to provide Pitch Tracking Modulation (PTM) for real-time voice transformation.

Auburn Sounds is not afraid to lead technically, being first in the audio market to use real-time Physically Based Rendering and the ultra-productive D language. Today other developers use our Open-Source framework Dplug to create their own products.

Products by Auburn Sounds

Latest reviews of Auburn Sounds products

Reviewed By belugaboi
October 23, 2020


I use it as a creative tool for doubling vocal tracks to make certain parts stand out.

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Reviewed By SmoothMountain
February 10, 2020

Good plugin. I run Reaper 6.03 native Linux, and I have Couture embedded in a couple of drumset track templates. I've been exploring compression and saturation on drum tracks recently, and the ability to add saturation and shape transients in a single plugin is great, especially on cymbals.

I have a couple of drumset templates where I send the cymbals to a separate submix, and send that submix through Couture. The transient and saturation controls give me lots of flexibility while mixing.

I started with the free version, but wanted the saturation, so I bought it. I'm glad I did. I only use the Sin, Bass and Tube saturation settings, (the others are a bit too intense for me) but as I said, they work great on cymbals.

I specifically got it for drum tracks, and it does the job well...

Good stuff.

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