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Reviewed By Vospi [all]
August 25th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Literally saved me once when I had a difficult situation with a client. Amazing, just worked. Thank you.

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Wave Breaker

Reviewed By Vospi [all]
July 12th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

upd-4: Everything is fine. I'm extremely happy to bump my score to 5. The bug was swiftly fixed. Awesome.

Extremely good first impression. Every One Synth Challenge guy should be jumping on this. I'll give it more time, but for now, you get my solid vote. Good luck.

P.S: One feature I would really wish for is channel linking. That would add a great deal of value for drums vs pads examples. So far, the two knobs approach to striking a balance between saturation and compression is fantastic. Once you know what to listen to (and there's a clear visual indication as well), you're off to understand the compression/limiting issue very well.


(From here, I list previous issues I had with the plugin, I no longer have the issues, it's fixed.

upd: ok. Once I press "disable" button in the latest stable legit FL Studio, it leads to a whole DAW crashing and closing immediately. Which makes this AWESOME plugin unusable for me. Please please fix this. I don't want to downgrade my developer challenge grade for this, because I was waiting for something that operates, looks and sounds like this for months and months. Please? If you need any extra info/videos, feel free to PM me. (Checked this on the latest FL Beta as well, same issue.). Deleting the plugin from the chain altogether doesn't cause the crash. Enabling one thread, disabling "smart disable" doesn't help, so these are not the features that cause incompatibility. Once again, it's all resolved once the plugin is bridged away from FL.
: A workaround for the issue below is Make Bridged option in FL Wrapper. I use a VST3 version.
: The Wave Observer didn't cause similar issues for me. Great, awesome GUI work.

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Reviewed By Vospi [all]
July 12th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows

upd: If you make plugin Bridged in FL Studio AND keep the buffer fixed, then you can use it, it seems like. Not completely sure as of now. Will try and make this work cause, honestly, I really want to.

I appreciate so many things about that. I instantly gave it a 4 out of 5 in the challenge. I really need that specific configuration for free - bandwidths and LR and all. I happen to think they are key. But. After adding a single band, this plugin instantly slammed my legit FL Studio with a bunch of crackle noise; then I turned the fixed buffers on for it (which fixed the issue), but not 5 minutes have passed for it to block my channel and cause even sends to get silent (loud DC signal and nothing else, unfortunately common for "self-written" plugins. So it's, basically, unusable for me.

I'd be very, very happy to change my rating if these issues resolve. It's a noble task you're after, great deal of interest from me. Free space doesn't get a decent fine-tunable LR equalizer for whatever reason... However, it just so happens that I really don't approve of plugins that might break my creative work later, that might not work down the line with no explanation and fix. EQ is rather replaceable, I get it, but still. I want my projects to last.

Good luck with everything and feel free to PM me if you need to.

P.S. Could you make ST-L-R, Band Shelf and especially bandwidth lists react to a mouse scroll? That saves me so much time in other products.

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Reviewed By Vospi [all]
December 22nd, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Lens proved to be an essential part of my free toolkit. Beautiful idea and execution, if you're intricately familiar with multiband compression. You could use it without such knowledge, but its utility and innovation really shines when you understand the problems that mb-comp tries to solve - or plugin designers try to solve when sketching the product out.

Up to 64 bands with great fast control in one window, linear phase and a manageable CPU overhead? This is extremely useful for sounddesign, and I can't be grateful enough for the free version, as it makes so, so easy to recommend this to students. Yes, Pro-MB offers a very fine-tuned control, but not only it is around $200, but also it's a different beast at the end of the day.

I don't know anything like Lens, and I became a fan in the first day.

My applause to you, Auburn, you did it again.

Response from Guillaume Piolat from Auburn Sounds on December 28th, 2022

Thanks, it's an honour. It's not "linear phase", it's more "constant phase", you pay a constant phase cost for passing into Lens.

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Reviewed By Vospi [all]
June 4th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I always prefer to work with zero-latency.

For this, the Thrillseeker is a literal life-saver. As for its sound, it's a middle ground between a transparent multi-purpose limiter and a straight-up saturator/waveshaper. It helps me limit my dynamics with ease. As for cons, I would note CPU consumption on a slightly higher end of the range. Otherwise, it grew on me, and I'm very thankful it did.

+ Free
+ Great and unique sound (although NOT a transparent one)
+ No peaks over a threshold

- x86 only, so use a bridge or FL Studio or Reaper
- a bit heavy on CPU
- some UI elements update a bit "lazy" sometimes.

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Chow Tape Model

Reviewed By Vospi [all]
December 6th, 2020
Version reviewed: 2.7 on Windows

This is so awesome.

I'm so glad that you've uploaded it here, otherwise I would've never heard of it. Please post updates. The work is amazing, the sound is SO TRUE TO LIFE when keep the output clipping at bay. I love the way it diminishes highs and adds hiss. It's fantastic.

So happy that someone've implemented physical modelling, and in a free plugin, and with a relatively short delay, and with a dry/wet knob.

Thank you.

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Reviewed By Vospi [all]
November 12th, 2017
Version reviewed: on Windows


Xfer OTT is an awesome tool for getting any instrument/loop more modern.

OTT is a 3-band compressor that works both upwards and downwards (that is, pulls quite sound up and pushes loud down). It was born out of somewhat famous Ableton compressor preset, but here you can finetune your effect to get just the thing you want. It can be barely visible, but people mainly use it to really pronounce something. Put a low-passed synth with some kind of subtle hi-freqs details in it ... and be blown away by what exactly multiband processing can get you this fast — and yes, for free.

- latency of 2 samples (so no parallel processing without extra gimmicks employed)
- somewhat noticeable CPU hit.

In other regards and if cooked right, it's simply awesome.
Besides getting a job done, it's an extreme fun: feed rather detailed, high-quality, but not "pushed" source to it and watch it transform drastically, in a good way.

A great sculpting utility that can become a to-go tool for modern music producers.
Absolutely recommended.

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Reviewed By Vospi [all]
April 26th, 2016
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

I can't believe this one is not rated yet.

Proximity is an extremely valuable tool for mixing, and not only music, but speech, theatre, FX and everything where you need a bit of hand-crafted realistic impact.

• carefully imitates an object getting closer or farther, including absorbing lows and highs, narrowing stereo field and so on
• perfect for fade-ins, whooshes and reversals, as it does much more than just a volume
• invaluable for mixing background music and noises, for very natural fade-outs
• you can select different algos or even turn them off one by one, tweaking the combo to fit your sound best
• easily cuts a "digital sparkle" off a nasty synth or brings the glory of your stereo bongos right upfront.

• the author is not praised around for it on every corner.

Once you get to know it and understand what exactly the effect is, this one is superuseful. Writing a music with it is fun, but it certainly shows its full value when one's mixing radio dramas or such — without this tool, the workflow could be so much more clumsy and problematic.

A top notch thing. A must have for everyone related to sound production.

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Scott Drums

Reviewed By Vospi [all]
July 29th, 2015
Version reviewed: 7 x64 on Windows

This is one excellent close-miked drum library for Kontakt.

General impression:

Right off the bat it sounds very nice. Kick and snares are tight, hats are not overprocessed and thus you can really abuse them to an exciting effect. Easy to mute any long metallic instruments, some tiny details, very nice rhythm sticks: all sounds are recorded and mixed very wisely.


• great, tight, enjoyable sound.
• ability to reprocess your sounds, which includes stereo image control, eq, comp, reverb and transient shaper;
• despite my previous statement: very slick and tiny interface that doesn't jump on you wth no reason.

In short: I totally adore it.

I love programming "live" music with rich elements done on single instruments in order to get that "circus jazz band" feeling, and this one will be of so much help to me, and it's free. It really motivated me to go to their site and explore it; I thought there's going to be a mailing list to buy some paid products, but turns out every library there is free, donation-ware. I'll definitely consider it, because you can feel how much love someone've put in there.

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8-Bit Shaper

Reviewed By Vospi [all]
July 9th, 2014
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Excellent tool to overdrive a sound, add a hiss, squash something to hell or emulate a tape recording (getting rid of peaks and pretending that your regular Massive is something from 70s that you've cratedigged, not programmed just 5 minutes ago). Take your time tweaking it and build your tiny presets library as I did. See what you can get from your most basic tones or complex ones. Also, don't forget your filtering — as always, it works wonders on distortion. It looks like something very geeky and undergroundy, like a secret killer tool you would dig from the web, and it excites me:

  • sounds dirty, stereo, smooth — sounds great;
  • have pre/post gain, pre/post filters and other clever controls that you'd like to see in a distortion unit;
  • totally free.

This can make a way into any sound design project and yield some solid and unique results quickly.

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