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Audiosingularity is a two brother's DSP and audio development operation, based in São Paulo, Brazil.

We use artificial inteligence to model real world music hardware to provide new solutions to musicians and producers.

Every product takes huge time and effort to make. From research to development, we do it with great music passion, with the musicians and producers in mind.

Products by audiosingularity

Latest reviews of audiosingularity products

Neurontube: debut
Reviewed By BillyVai
January 10th, 2023

Bad performance in my PC, it takes a lot of CPU consumption. I hope in the future they can figure out how can fix that.

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Neurontube: debut
Reviewed By Dorcia1
January 9th, 2023

Excellent amp. Looks great obviously, but sounds really good. What you don't see until you install it is there is a cabinet selection option, pedalboard, and most notably a second combo amp. The Eqs are really sensitive which I like. A lot of amp sims are designed to sound exactly like the real amp your modelling which is fine, but I have real amps, a Helix, and Kemper, and loads of amp plugs. The sensitive eq makes it easy to cut through each individual mix according to the song. Anyway, kind of can't believe this is free. Grab it before it isn't. No problems with Norton or virus on my end. Thanks for the plugin.

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