BABY Audio is based in New York City, founded by a European team.
We're a new plugin company for a world that doesn't need another plugin company.

Here are some of our core principles:

Make something new
There's enough software out there emulating old analog hardware. We're great fans of hardware, but get even more excited about using the unlimited possibilities of DSP to create something new.

We think, you play
We believe that if our products are smarter, then you have a license to be more stupid. And it's at that point - when you switch off your brain and start just creating - that the magic happens.

Enemies of decision fatigue
Obama famously owned just one style of suit to limit the number of decisions he had to make in a day. We create our plugins with the same principle in mind: That less choices lead to better ones. So we always aim for fewer knobs and smarter algorithms.



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