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Bitwig updates Bitwig Studio to v5.2 (Beta)


Bitwig has announced their first major update of 2024. This new beta update, Bitwig Studio 5.2, comes with a new set of studio tools, a compressor, Compressor+, which brings a unique approach to dynamics, the EQs Focus, Sculpt, and Tilt, which unite classic sounds with new levels of control, and some significant workflow enhancements: more precise editing, dynamic beat detection and hardware acceleration for Bitwig's graphic interface.

Bitwig Studio 5.2 Key Features:

  • Versatile New Compressor: The COMPRESSOR+ offers standard compression modes, alongside advanced features like multiband analysis, per-band timing controls, and a range of VCA color options for adding warmth, distortion, and analog-style saturation.
  • Musical EQs: Three new EQ devices join the roster: SCULPT, FOCUS, and TILT. These are designed for quick, intuitive sound shaping, inspired by classic hardware models and enhanced with modern features.
  • Precision Editing Shortcuts: New time selection key commands allow for fast and accurate navigation and editing of clips and events, significantly speeding up workflow.
  • Improved Beat Detection: Enhanced beat detection algorithms mean better tempo matching when importing audio, as well as the ability to easily extract tempo changes from existing material for flexible project tempos.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Graphics: Graphics are now rendered entirely on your GPU, giving you a smoother and more responsive interface.

Additional Improvements:

  • New Distortion Device: The 'Over' device provides flexible clipping and distortion effects.
  • Plugin Undo: You can now undo/redo changes made within VST and CLAP plugins.
  • Crossover Modules: New Crossover-2 and Crossover-3 Grid modules for multi-band processing.

Bitwig Studio 5.2 is now in beta and license holders with an active Upgrade Plan can test the new features. Check the comparison chart to see which features, instruments and FX are available in the different Bitwig Studio editions.




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