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Dario Lupo (born October 24, 1987) is an Italian composer and producer who writes electronic and ambient music.

His musical style has an electronic backbone with acoustic and cinematic influences. It's predominantly easy-listening — at times groovy, experimental, or completely meditative.

Over the past decade, he has published music with many different pseudonyms such as Need a Name, Chasing Dreams and Katahimikan. In 2019, Dario started also releasing music with his real name.

Besides producing music, Dario also develops downloadable content, such as software instruments, presets, and devices.

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Reviewed By vata44 [all]
April 1st, 2011
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I actually feel honored to be writing the first review for this synth.

I will start with the positives.

1. the sound... it is clean, pure with such a classy reverb that just makes it ring to life, short or long it sits will in the mix.

2. the simplicity is great. life does not need to be complicated, it makes Pike type sounds and it does it perfectly well with enough small and well thought out modulations that can change the tone.

3. its a beautiful and inspiring GUI... simple, colorful and inspiring.

4. it is stable as far as I can tell, no problems running multiple instances or for hours on end.


Well the thing that makes it such a good thing is the fact that it is SIMPLE, but sometimes the simplicity just does not quite fit well enough... wish you had more control or LFO's to modulate... so it is not really a negative.

If you like Ambient type music you should check this out for sure.

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