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Electronik Sound Lab

Electronik Sound Lab is an audio software company focused on producing audio plug-ins for Producers and Beatmakers. It was originally founded in July 2016 as BeatMaker. We have released a number of plug-ins, some of which are available as free downloads. Our goal is to continue producing free and affordable plugins and sound libraries for the masses.

Products by Electronik Sound Lab

Latest reviews of Electronik Sound Lab products

Haunted Guitar
Reviewed By mixyguy2
January 15th, 2022

I liked this OK, kind of a mixed bag as you can tell by the demo................................................................

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Reviewed By gwenmollo
November 14th, 2021

Nice look, good sound, free, lot of presets, some effects ....

...what ask for more ? .....

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Drumart SLD
Reviewed By gwenmollo
November 14th, 2021

Nice look, good sound, free, lots of presets, some effects ....

...what ask for more ? .....

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Drumart SLD
Reviewed By elviecho
April 8th, 2021

I like the Electronic Sound Lab Plugins, and especially this one.
I often use it to find out what sort of drum sound I like to use for my track.
After clicking through the many different presets I know what to choose and...in many cases
use Drumart SLD for the final result too. Why? Because it sounds really good.
Thanks ESL!

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Atmos 2
Reviewed By DoctorWomp
February 17th, 2021

Is this the most intricate, immaculate, & comprehensive piano plugin ever? No... however it does have a very pleasant, workable tone, as well as a character aesthetic that does well capturing dreamlike/surreal vibes very decently when either playing alone, or along side pads, arps, & other synth timbres in hybrid electronic, cinematic, & ambient genres... or even resampled into drones, etc. & mixed with strategic DSP FX, (like grain delays such as the excellent & Free "Lagrange" by UrsaDSP) with lovely results that don't sound out of place or forced... and in a standalone plugin made available for Free no less. Atmos v1 was so-so, since it was a little too heavily drowned in reverb to try to make it's vibe... but Atmos v2 feels like a significant step up in quality, versatility, & application.

It's cool the ESL has released some solid free & inexpensive plugins for audio community, seems kind of unfortunate they have so few reviews here on KVR... but as for Atmos 2, I dig it. Definitely worth snatching this one up. Recommended.

Cheers! m/.

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Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
March 8th, 2020

Don't have experience with the original drum machine this is based on (the BOSS DR-110), but this is a really versatile VST with decent CPU usage. I think the reverb is a modern addition, and saves using an insert on the track.

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Reviewed By m4nwsound
December 20th, 2016

RVK-808 has high quality samples and inspires you to create rhythms quickly, incorporating assignable outputs makes things easier. I would like to be able to automate the parameters, I think it is possible? In any case is a great free contribution. Congratulations and thanks for the update, the new features are really useful.

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Reviewed By richnbk
December 16th, 2016

Not working in studio one 2.3. Every time i load this vst, only bass drum works correctly. Can hear any other sounds. Please Fix if possible. Overall nice gui. Thanks.

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