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Eplex7 DSP audio software
Endless possibilities and sound innovations are characteristic for our VSTi plug-ins, VSTi instruments, VST effects and audio samples. We bring new technologies, algorithms, ideas and move sound of modern electronic music to new unknown levels.

Products by Eplex7 DSP

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Latest reviews of Eplex7 DSP products

Rave Synths & Leads 1

Reviewed By DarkMG73 [all]
April 23rd, 2023
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac

There are no leads, despite what the name says. They currently have this titled as "Synths & Leads", which is a lie. It should be "Synth Stabs". The price is cheap, but the fact this is only 10 mediocre stabs makes this still a waste in my view.

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Psytrance Bass SPX90

Reviewed By Zakast [all]
January 21st, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0? on Windows

Want a Psytrance bass synthesizer for "experimenting" with ideas? This one might well be your "go to". Only what you need to generate a Psytrance bass is included, no fluff or gadgets getting in the way to get a good sound quickly. Not absolutely perfect, but definitely goes a long way to saving (setup) time and money. Very simple to use and does exactly what it says (and cheaply).

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Unisonizer - real time unison effect plugin

Reviewed By Faydit [all]
October 10th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Nice, quite flexible plugin for modulated, polyphonic +/- 1 octaver sounds.

I rather am a guitarist than a keyboarder, who usually prefers pure tube amp tones, if it comes to effects, a (vintage) phaser, Lesile/Univibe, tape echo and/or spring reverb do the job for me usually.

With meanwhile one exception: I always liked Octaver sounds, especially -1 ones, but often found them sounding too synthetic and they usually had one disadvantage, the mostly were monophonic.

In reality I sometimes use a PitchFork meanwhile, which does a good job, but although I have some pitch shifting / octaver plugins, they did not convince me so much sonically or had only been monophonic.

I got the Unisonizer as pre-release some time ago and the demo-version sounded quite good, with one disadvantage, the sound always was in some way also modulated not only octaved. So I asked Eplex7 if they could help me with this "problem". They made a comparably fair offer and finally I also got an additional "custom" version with the modulation sections deactivated.

I still noticed some decent sort or modulation, but for most of my purposes this version works better and I still can use the regular version as well.

The general sound of Unisonizer as a modulated, combined -/+ 1 octaver is really good, the modulations work fine, are good adjustable, also the mix between original signal and octaved ones, while retardment affects the reaction / latency time between original signal and octaved ones.

What I do not like so much is, that the final signal level usually is much higher than the original one, so an additional output gain/volume control would be an advantage. Maybe anyway a separate input and output level control.

But apart from this a - at least for me - very useful and good sounding plugin, which works equally well with real audio signals, like guitar, bass, precussion, maybe even drums, but of course also excellently well with synthesizers.

Try it eg. with a Minimoog, Taurus or OBX and you get - comparably simple - some completely new sounding tones, but Unisonizer also works well with simple piano sounds or maybe even better with modern synthesizers for optimizing eg. some cinematic sounds or ambient pads. I did not try it with vocal, s but I can imagine, that it, correctly mixed, also can work well there.

Unisonizer has it's own character, so it is no really completely neutral sounding octaver (but up to now I never have heard a really "neutral" one ever, but it certainly sounds way better and more naturally than this well known brown monophonic pedal from the 1980's)). The basic sound is quite good and with all the possible adjustment options you have a lot of possible final results to choose from and this "effect" still is not as inflationary as some other, more common effects meanwhile.

It can work quite decently or you can only get the processed effects alone and everything in between.

In my opinion a good, also comparably cheap option, to get some fresh, new, different sounds, also out of your already existing gear.


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Forest Film Pads 1

Reviewed By Sparkyscorp [all]
August 6th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I was very disappointed in the over hyped quality of these sounds.Not only do they sound pale and washed out on my crown jbl bose pro system but every sound is so similar they shouldn't bother to give them different names.I don't know how the video on the site sounds better than reality especially on a fire tablet but it is so.But alas they are priced so cheap you get what you pay for.The way customer service boasts about the designers 15 years of exp and satisfied customers all I can say is the Dollar Store and Kmart have satisfied customers too.Yes it's desirable to have cinematic atmosphere but this product doesn't deliver in sound quality don't waste your HD space with these washed out sounds.As for being a VST ifeel it's a sample playback plug with a filter and LFO.Personally the whole Eplex line is so thin don't waste your time money or hard drive space .It sounds like they bounced these sounds off worn cassettes half a dozen times before sampling sorry guys just calling email as I hear em, I've done synth work for 45 years and know the difference in hardware vs software it just doesn't deliver audio quality you'd want on a recording.

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India Psy Instruments 1

Reviewed By Zorzi [all]
August 28th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

The promise is some indian music instruments as sitar, tanpura, santur etc. None of these, at all. There are few synth sounds inside a tiny sample player which ignore ADSR commands or inexisting filter. Impossible to stretch a sound with the release : frustrating and really disapointing. This is really cheap. OK but useless though. And there is no installer and the note does not explain very well how to install.

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Particle Collider SX7 - Hybrid Scientific Synthesizer

Reviewed By chris ferrara [all]
August 14th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Great idea and useful. I would definitely recommend it. well worth the money.

Great job Guys keep up the good work.

Chris Happy User.

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Analog FX Drums 1

Reviewed By NigelShirt [all]
May 7th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

The sounds are excellent! Light on CPU & memory. Excellent operationally. Really enjoying using the plugin.

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Klerhaim N1

Reviewed By behrend [all]
April 24th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

If you're looking for a good analog emulation at a good price, Klerhaim is worth the investment.
It does a great job of providing that old Moog style sound.

It's one of the first VST synth plugins I've bought for less than $100, where I could close my eyes and imagine I was sitting in front of an actual analog synth.

If you want this beast to sound more 'polished' like other programmers emulations; add a reverb, or delay with about a 20% wet mix.

This is easily the best analog emulation in its price range.

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