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Eplex7 DSP audio software
Endless possibilities and sound innovations are characteristic for our VSTi plug-ins, VSTi instruments, VST effects and audio samples. We bring new technologies, algorithms, ideas and move sound of modern electronic music to new unknown levels.

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Latest reviews of Eplex7 DSP products

India Psy Instruments 1
Reviewed By Zorzi
August 28th, 2021

The promise is some indian music instruments as sitar, tanpura, santur etc. None of these, at all. There are few synth sounds inside a tiny sample player which ignore ADSR commands or inexisting filter. Impossible to stretch a sound with the release : frustrating and really disapointing. This is really cheap. OK but useless though. And there is no installer and the note does not explain very well how to install.

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Great idea and useful. I would definitely recommend it. well worth the money.

Great job Guys keep up the good work.

Chris Happy User.

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Analog FX Drums 1
Reviewed By NigelShirt
May 7th, 2021

The sounds are excellent! Light on CPU & memory. Excellent operationally. Really enjoying using the plugin.

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If you're looking for a good analog emulation at a good price, Klerhaim is worth the investment.
It does a great job of providing that old Moog style sound.

It's one of the first VST synth plugins I've bought for less than $100, where I could close my eyes and imagine I was sitting in front of an actual analog synth.

If you want this beast to sound more 'polished' like other programmers emulations; add a reverb, or delay with about a 20% wet mix.

This is easily the best analog emulation in its price range.

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The idea of a rompler/player with possibility to add banks is classic but practical. Installation is pretty simple & easy.

The banks are well crafted, not real expensive but too small at the same time.

Techno percussive sounds real good but bank is narrow (21 kits). For exemple, G-Sonique propose a similar rompler dedicated to Techno (Technol HN1) under 3x the price but with 192kits and the quality is at least as good....

After tweaking with the product I went to conclusion than loading samples in your DAW built in stock sampler, adding all Fx of your choice can lead to way better results. If you're a non lazy producer such a tool is just not a real need ! The only advantage here is it's all ready and very low on CPU impact.

Hope it will help.

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I love this plugin amazing sounds and I love how you can customize it. also the sound emulation is great. really recommend it.

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Very good sounding, useful plugin (at least for me). Generally works with all audio sources or instruments, but I mainly use it as an additional gain and tone shaping stage in combination with electric guitars and (vintage) amp simulations.

You don not really get the huge amount of gain of a typical guitar tube amplifier preamp, but you get very convincing, authentically sounding, clean to slightly crunched tube tones, which work fine as additional tube booster in front of eg. an already good sounding Tweed, Vox or Plexi simulation. Bass also sounds great through this plugin, alone, but also in combination with eg. an Ampeg simulation the tone really improves - for my taste.

For more overdriven tones you can also cascade two or more of these units, which also seems to work very well.

Mixing triode and pentode character allows good control over even and odd harmonics. The tube simulations really sound - and also as important – behave and react very authentically to the input signal, in terms of attack and dynamics, which is not always taken for granted if compared to some other tube simulation plugins, I know. Here you get very tube typical tones and behavior and a very realistic harmonics reproduction.

Bass cut, circuit temperature and circuit power control allow good fine adjustment, as well as the three different, selectable tube types.

For me one of the most realistic sounding and reacting tube circuit simulations, I know. Good tones at a low, fair price, if compared with some other, similar products from competitors, which sonically did not convince me more, to be honest.

Nevertheless my personal wishes for maybe a future upgrade would be an additional treble cut, a mid-notch or even boost/cut with adjustable or some selectable frequencies between 250Hz and 2500Hz and also more gain or an additional gain boost option or alternatively a second, swichable triode stage.

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